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The Moment of Silence in Chaos

Annular Solar Eclipse on October 14 and partial Lunar Eclipse on October 28.

Picture: Jongsun Lee

The eclipse time is here. Ancient astrologers considered eclipses difficult and challenging due to their unpredictability. Modern astrologers also acknowledge that the time of eclipses is particularly powerful and transformative. We feel an internal or external pressure to make changes, sometimes at any cost. The nature of eclipses tends to be chaotic, reactive, and fated, and we have less control over our lives than usual. Eclipses are like a power outage when we momentarily lose all lights. When the lights come back on, everything looks slightly different than before. Suddenly, we learn to appreciate electricity and light, and only then do we realize how dependent we are on them.

Eclipses are felt a couple of weeks or even a month before and after the actual eclipse. We have already seen how dramatically they have manifested in the news. Mars' ominous final square to Pluto (in the sign of Capricorn) over the weekend, followed by the first eclipse in the sign of Libra on October 14, 2023, has been evident in the escalation of the world's political situation. Pluto's role is particularly significant, as it reveals old, long-simmering issues that suddenly come to light. Mars is usually the final spark that triggers a pent-up situation, often unfortunately in the form of war. In astrology, the much-discussed Pluto's exact return in the birth chart of the United States also symbolizes a time of testing for democracy, currently seen as chaos in the U.S. House of Representatives.

The annular solar eclipse will occur on October 14, 2023, at 2pm EST in the sign of Libra (part of the Libra-Aries eclipse series until 2025), and the lunar eclipse on October 28, 2023, at 6:15pm EST in the sign of Taurus (the final Taurus-Scorpio eclipse in the series). There are always two eclipses, two weeks apart. October 28 is the last eclipse in Taurus, in a series that began a year and a half ago. After that, the eclipses will permanently shift to the Aries-Libra axis for the next year and a half. How the eclipses manifest in your own life depends on where the Aries and Libra houses are located in your own chart.

Opposition of Mars and Venus

Mars and Venus, which rule these zodiac signs, have completely opposite motives: Mars wants to separate, and Venus wants to bring together. We will all feel this dynamic of opposites depending on where the eclipses occur in our astrology houses. Eclipses recur every 19 years. We can recall what happened in 2004-2005 to understand what similar themes or issues may arise over the next year and a half.

Fairness, Justice, Balance, Diplomacy - or their Absence

However, both upcoming eclipses are still governed by Venus and are thus closely related to last summer's Venus retrograde. Venus wants to bring things and people together, but in its retrograde state, Venus is somewhat confused and may even act contrary to its own nature. On October 8, Venus moved into the sign of Virgo. Venus is now ready to move on and make decisions. The results of those decisions will now be dramatically visible in the form of the upcoming eclipses, either as significant beginnings or endings. Whatever happened last summer in matters related to Venus and Libra, such as fairness, justice, balance, harmony, diplomacy (or their absence) in relationships, self-worth, being honest about our needs and self-esteem, will culminate during the upcoming eclipses.

We may now understand things in a completely new way or know with considerable certainty what we truly want and need. During the time of the eclipse, we will face situations, people, or things that reveal aspects, making the final decision obvious. It is good to at least consider decisions during the time of the eclipse, because otherwise, the universe will make them for us. The nature of the eclipses is precisely the pressure we feel to make changes.

"Headless" Decisions

On the other hand, eclipses also clear away the old and make room for the new. If last summer was challenging, the upcoming eclipses will bring understanding to the situation. We are now much clearer about our needs, our limits, and we are ready to leave behind things that no longer serve us as before. Eclipses clarify how far we are willing to compromise or where the boundary is that we are no longer willing to cross. Eclipses shape our identity.

However, a word of caution: chaos, typical to eclipses may lead us to make "headless" conclusions, and therefore decisions with consequences. In general, it would be good to wait for the emotional turmoil caused by the eclipses to settle before reacting, but sometimes we don't have that opportunity, events may come suddenly, and we must react one way or another.

The Power of Prayer

In Buddhism, eclipses are considered a good time to perform religious rituals due to their powerful energies. However, in Buddhism, it is also said that during the time of the eclipses, the karma created by good or bad deeds or intention is multiplied 100,000 times during a solar eclipse and 10,000 times during a lunar eclipse. Therefore, even in Buddhism, one must be particularly cautious during eclipses. On the other hand, a prayer or request made from the heart during the eclipses is similarly a hundred thousand times more powerful than usual. However, it is important to keep motivation, heart, and thoughts as pure as possible, as any negativity "baked" into the eclipse may later cause unpredictable events, even half a year or a year later.

Self-care During Eclipses

The self-care guidelines for this period are rest, quiet reflection, staying hydrated, and avoiding drama as much as possible. Be kind to yourself and others. Avoid excessive consumption of news and people you know trigger you. Be aware that everyone is under pressure, and try to be at least a little aware of your own reactions. If you are one of the lucky ones who are not personally affected by this eclipse, then be a support to others. Eclipses come and go. Deep peace underneath remains.

Brief Introduction to Eclipses:

  1. Justice, balance, peace, diplomacy or their absence Eclipses can be studied from the positions of the lunar nodes, which show in which area of life each person's eclipses occur. Eclipses are not planets but a point in the sky where eclipses happen, due to the shadow cast by either the Moon or the Earth. Eclipses cause the light of the Sun and the Moon to disappear from the sky from our perspective. The Sun and the Moon symbolize our vitality and our destiny. This is the reason why eclipses were feared in ancient times. Living on Earth would be symbolically and literally impossible without the Sun or the Moon. Eclipses bring with them famously significant beginnings and, on the other hand, bring significant things to a dramatic conclusion. Eclipses symbolize intense, fateful beginnings and endings for things, people, and situations. We have less control over these events than usual. It reminds us to be grateful and humble for the gift of life.

  2. Timing of Eclipses Eclipses repeat in the same sign every 19 years. We are concluding the Taurus-Scorpio axis of eclipses, of which the lunar eclipse on October 28th is the final one. The Libra-Aries axis of eclipses began in the spring of 2023 and will last for about a year and a half. Recall what happened in the years 2004-2005 - similar themes may resurface. There are always two eclipses, about two weeks apart. Eclipses can be felt even a month or a couple of weeks before and after the actual eclipse date. This month, the eclipses will occur on Saturday, October 14th, at 8:55 PM in the sign of Libra (initiating the Libra-Aries eclipse series), and on Saturday, October 28th, at 11:24 PM in the sign of Taurus (concluding the Taurus-Scorpio eclipse series).

  3. Nature of Eclipses The nature of eclipses is unpredictable. Strong energies are at play, and they may either bring new things, shed new light on old matters in a surprising way, or the ultimate goal of situations may only become clear after six months or even a year. It is typical for eclipses to bring about situations that demand immediate action. We have less control over our lives than usual. It serves as a reminder to be grateful and humble for the gift of human life.

  4. Time Warps Time may seem to warp, contort, and distort during the period between eclipses. Our memory may be scattered, and things and events may feel closer or further in our minds than we remember. The laws of nature seem to warp, and things that are normally impossible suddenly seem possible. Sensitive individuals might experience this time as restless, slightly uncomfortable, and surreal. Animals may also sense these energies and behave unusually.

  5. The Veil Between the Living and the Dead is Thin The veil between the living and the dead is particularly thin now. We are reminded of our own mortality, and that the world contains not only what we see concretely, but also that the spiritual, internal, and external worlds coexist. The period between eclipses is an especially active time on the other side - they may come to visit or give signs, reminding us of their existence. All mediumship work is particularly powerful during this time.

  6. A Good Time for Spiritual Work, but Not for Manifestation The time between eclipses is a good time for quiet reflection, rest, and all forms of spiritual work, but only if one keeps their thoughts free from anger, jealousy, and other negative influences. Eclipses are not an ideal time for manifestation due to their unpredictability.

  7. A Good Time to Let Go If things have felt stuck, the time between eclipses will likely unlock or shed light on unresolved matters in a dramatic way, making their understanding abundantly clear. Eclipses are nature's own spiritual spring-cleaning! (This is an especially good time for an actual house cleaning - it affects us both spiritually and physically). Eclipses are a particularly good time to let go of things, relationships, and situations that no longer serve us. But a pure motivation is crucial. It's especially important to keep the ego in check - any decisions made selfishly during this time may come back around later. Some of us may lose people or things unintentionally during this time. They may find some solace in knowing that eclipses are so fateful, that this loss was indeed written in the stars, for one reason or another.




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