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The New Winds of Venus Blow Away the Old

The Goddess of Love in Aquarius is rebelling.

Many of us have felt the arrival of Pluto in Aquarius on a very personal level because all the so-called personal planets—Mercury, Mars, and Venus—have now encountered Pluto in Aquarius for the first time. I have been writing about Pluto's arrival in Aquarius since last year, but now we have truly felt its activation as the aforementioned personal planets passed Pluto in Aquarius for the first time in over 240 years.

Why does it feel so much like we are living in unprecedented times? Because we truly are. Precisely because Pluto's transit in Aquarius has always signified revolutionary and chaotic periods in human history, but also times that promote technological and medical advancements. The last time Pluto was in Aquarius, most of us don't even know the names of our ancestors from such a long time ago. We tend to forget the names of our own family in just a few generations. That's why Pluto in Aquarius feels so new and strange. We have no clear memory of it, and especially no experience of it.

Especially when Mars encountered Pluto in mid-February, it was remarkable how it activated nearly everybody's Aquarius houses on a personal level. On a societal level, wars continued, but we also saw rapid technological advancements. Even if nothing particularly dramatic happened to everyone individually, many still felt the need to take action. This is precisely the pressure brought by Mars. When Mars encountered Pluto, there was no longer a choice; action had to be taken one way or another. The positive aspect of this is that things we have avoided have now come to the forefront, and it feels good to finally at least to try to remove them from the agenda.

Have all the things gone as we would have wished? Certainly not. For example, Mars and Pluto are not a calm, but a very explosive, combative and accident-prone combination. Various unpleasant surprises have occurred on both societal and personal levels. We are like toddlers who have just entered the Aquarius room with Pluto there. As if we are guests who just arrived in a strange room, in a foreign country - we are stumbling around and marveling at the strangeness and newness of the environment. Even familiar things feel strange now in this completely new, Pluto-colored, intense environment.

We truly have stepped into a new world, and throughout March, we continue to be in the midst of significant changes, which will feel ever more personal. If the winds of change did not blow for everyone last month, they will now. When Venus and Mars, the goddess of love and the god of war, square Uranus (the planet of surprises) during the weekend of March 2-3, 2024, and throughout March, expect significant sparks. It will be difficult not to take things personally - very few can be objective now, as all kinds of passions will completely sweep us away.

If we have felt stuck in relationships, creativity, finances, or developing our self-worth, these areas, ruled by Venus, we will no longer be satisfied with the status quo. The archetype of Venus within us, wants independence and freedom to do something completely new and perhaps a bit strange - at any cost. The goddess of love has had enough of lurking in the shadows or in second place. She is ready for innovation in love, money and creativity, and nothing holds her back, no matter the cost.

We may experience massive breakthroughs and insights in these matters now and move forward at a tremendous pace, regardless of the consequences. For example, relationships that have been stuck for even years are now starting to move. The dam comes crumbling down. It may feel a bit scary, but also liberating and relieving, not having to try to hold the dam together with just one finger anymore. This may also manifest like a tremendous flood of creativity - now is a good time to bring out our personal, creative tools, whatever they may be! In the best case scenario, we will discover entirely new areas of creativity within us. Try to keep in mind the journey, not the destination. The act of creation alone, will fill us with energy and life force.

Emotionally, these new winds will peak during the Lunar Eclipse in Libra, ruled by Venus, on March 24, 2024, at 2:13 AM EST. The Aries Solar Eclipse and New Moon on April 8, 2024, at 2:18 PM EST, will ensure that we also implement the decisions we make.

It is always good to become aware of the direction of our lives and decide at least in our minds where we would want to go, before eclipses. If we don't become enough self aware and make our own decisions, the decisions will be made for us. Wherever the eclipses throw us, it will be so much more harder to work our way back. Rather, things will be infinitely easier if we choose our own path and boldly start moving towards that direction, even if the plans are not yet perfectly in place. This is because of the nature of eclipses - they move things along, ready or not.

Finally, everything culminates in the long-awaited conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus on April 20, 2024, at 10:26 PM EST, in the sign of Taurus, ruled by Venus, but more on that next month.




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