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Lunardakini Astrology Testimonials

"Ursula has a way of making the complexity of astrology so simple to understand. She treats you like a cherished friend. She guides you with her insight. I truly treasure our sessions together and learn something new every time we meet."
-Laura P.


“Seeing things from a different perspective helped me a lot. You appeased my heart and spoke to my soul. Exactly what I needed! …It is so funny how accurate you are. I even read the entire thing to my sister and she was stunned… You are amazing at what you do. You were very polite and professional with your observations concerning my relationship. I felt guided, not judged. I felt safe.”

-Mélissa Lacroix


"[My astrology reading] was a WONDERFUL experience for me! I can tell it’s what you love to do. You made it a healing, exciting and positive experience for me."
- Candace L.


"After our meeting I cried a little bit more of joy, appreciation and compassion."

"Thank you for your reading; you’ve given me the hope I had lost along the way to my dream."
- Véronique L.

“Thank you! I feel very good about life!”
- EM

“I love to read your blog posts! You make astrology (which can be very complicated at times) so simple, and I like it! I can actually understand where this is all going... Amazing! Thank you so much for taking the time to write something so good; depthful and meaningful. Every time.”

- Iissalac

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