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Seeking Harmony in All the Wrong Places

The Libra New Moon balancing act: get comfortable on being uncomfortable.

Libra New Moon on October 6. Pluto goes direct on October 7.

Usually new moons are the time to dream and begin anew. This is not one of those new moons. The skies are particularly intense right now, as the Sun, Mercury and Mars have stayed in Venus's house, whereas Venus, the Goddess of Love, has been staying at Scorpio's house. Meaning, nobody is particularly happy staying where they are. In addition, Mercury is in retrograde. Lots of things are being said, but nobody really hears what is actually being said, in the middle of confusion and chaos.

Relationships are being tested. Our sense of justice is being tested. Our attitude towards power dynamics are being tested. It is difficult to determine what the right thing to do is. Libra wants fairness, balance and harmony, but they are difficult to find at this time. Pressure is mounting and confusion reigns, no matter how much we want clarity and peace. We can't think our way through this one. Sitting this one out is not an option either, as everyone will be highly triggered. The only thing left to do is to get comfortable on being uncomfortable, and to rely on our other senses to figure out what to do. We spend a lot of energy in avoiding conflicts. Sometimes agreeing to disagree, and simply accepting temporary, or even longer term disharmony, is the very thing that is needed to lower expectations and temperatures.

This new moon is not comfortable, fair or nice. Venus will move to Sagittarius on October 7th, and we will feel a slight shift at for the better. But even in Jupiter's house, Venus first meets with the south node. She is out of the woods, but damage has already been done and there is a feeling of some loss that it was inevitable, and perhaps necessary anyway. But little by little, she will start to pick up the pieces of her bruised heart, which only wanted things to be peaceful. In Sagittarius, she will be able to express herself, laugh, and soon find her groove again.

But on top of that, the heavy weight Pluto is stationing and turning direct on October 7, the same day Venus moves to Sagittarius. The planets indicate that we absolutely need to move on. One by one, four planets will be turning direct after being in retrograde. First Pluto, then Saturn on October 11, and finally Mercury and Jupiter on the same day, on October 19. The full moon in Aries on October 20 is the final act on the conflict that becomes obvious during this new moon. By then, it is the time to dump the load of resentments we have been collecting and carrying, and hit the road, metaphorically or physically.

This Libra new moon is about learning to accept that sometimes fairness and harmony is not possible, even when the Goddess of Love herself wants it. And we will then have a deeper understanding how precious love and harmony are, and cherish them as such."To lose balance sometimes for love, is part of living a balanced life." - Elizabeth Gilbert

With so many planets turning direct, things that have been delayed or stuck, will soon start moving again and we will able to clarify our plans.



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