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The Way from Earth to Air is through the Heart

The Rebirth of Venus and Full Moon in Libra.

We went from heavy earth energy (Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn) in 2020 to heavy air energy (Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius) in 2021. The heaviness of Capricorn was palpable in 2020. We felt very stuck in one way, but, in another way, we at least felt grounded. We had a chance to look around and to take stock of our lives and the world.

But, by the exceptional buildup of planets in Aquarius during the New Moon in February 2021, we felt like the earth was pulled from under our feet. A lot of our energy has been spent on preventing a pessimistic future from happening. So, very little energy is left for imagining a better, optimistic future. We've been pushed out of the uncomfortable nest we had nonetheless gotten used to. Our metaphorical freedom has arrived, but haven't grown wings yet. We are not as stuck as before, yet we are not exactly free either. Things are clearly moving and developing, yet we can't move around as we would like to. It is not clear what lies ahead, yet we know that can't go back to what was, either.

The planet of restrictions (Saturn) and the planet of hope (Jupiter) are negotiating which direction to go, while in the home of restrictive Saturn. In the meantime, the planet of freedom (Uranus) squares both of these planets all year, demanding freedom at any cost. Confusing? It is. We are supposed to fly, but we haven't got our wings yet. We are supposed to dream big, yet we are barely unstuck from the mud of last year.

So How do We Develop Wings?

Why do we work hard to make money? Ultimately, so that we can provide for, and spend more time with loved ones. Everything always comes back to the heart. Venus, the goddess of Love and relationships, will be reborn on March 25-26, when she will make an exact conjunction with the Sun. The ancients called this phenomena Cazimi, the heart of the Sun. Venus will eventually emerge on the other side of the Sun, purified and renewed. This renewal will further intensify during the Libra Full Moon on March 28, because Venus rules the sign of Libra. So this full moon will be powerful, especially for relationships.

We develop wings with our hearts. Ultimately, the feeling of being grounded does not come from the actual earth, but from the feeling of our heart making a connection to the earth, the sky, to other living beings, as well as to each other. We are still feeling unsteady because we got used to so much heavy earth energy. Now we are asked to take the first steps to the better place we envisioned (either consciously or unconsciously) on December 21, 2020 when Saturn and Jupiter entered Aquarius.

Slowly, we will develop a new understanding of what our heart truly desires.

What are the things that truly matter to us now? Who do we really want to spend time with, and why? This understanding will not arise overnight, or without discord. Authentic living comes from a regular checking and readjusting to ever changing internal and external conditions. We won't have a clear picture of our relationships until May 25 when Venus has completed her purification ritual through the Sun. Until then, we can practice self love by being good to ourselves. This feeling will organically expand to how we also treat others. This is how we let our wings grow naturally.

Flying Takes Practice

Saturn will stay in the air sign of Aquarius for another two years. While in Aquarius, one of its manifestations is that things may feel especially mentally depressive at times. Until next year, Jupiter can't bring us optimism as much as it would like to. The heaviness of earth was simply replaced by the heaviness of air. There is some hope, but not quite in the way we had imagined.

We will, however, get a sneak peak of a lighter period during the upcoming Jupiter in Pisces transit from mid May to July. We can practice flying with our new found, tiny wings during this spring, and once Jupiter moves to his own sign Pisces in January 2022, things will truly start to feel a lot better. Hope and dreams will return. This is when we can start to fly again.

The great thing about transits is, that we can see an end in sight. Even if it is far away. And, more importantly, we should treat transits as if they are passing states of mind. In the air sign of Aquarius, we are affected mentally more than at other times. It is important to become aware of these forces so that we don't confuse the mundane signs of the times with our inner lives. We are always free to choose how we respond to outside stimuli.

Does Anybody Remember Laughter?

It is admittedly hard to remember laughter when we are in the middle of human misery. But we know hope is coming. Even if it may arrive messy, and later than we were hoping for.

The sign of Aquarius is unique, creative and innovative, yet demands hard work from us. Is there a way to combine hard work and fun? I am reminded of an interview Jerry Seinfeld gave on the creative process in the Tim Ferris podcast. Jerry lays out several golden nuggets of combining discipline with fun and games. For example: commit to a routine of creating every day, no matter what. But, commit only to one to two hours maximum, per day - leave the rest of the time for other things, and let your creativity naturally recharge. When creating, treat yourself with extra kindness, and leave room for playfulness and fun, no matter what you created - (they can't all be masterpieces). Only the next day, go back and check what you have created, this time with a critical eye. Repeat this process daily.

This is straight out of Saturn's (the ruler of Aquarius) playbook. He wants us to put in the hours. But we often make the mistake of going overboard, trying to be creative for too many hours at one time, or being too self critical. How many of us never get past the process of starting that creative project we have been thinking about, due to self criticism? Or, on the other hand, being too soft on our selves, and end up binge watching TV for nine hours instead?

Work (and the creative process) too, is then created through the heart. When we treat ourselves truly well, meaning, with healthy discipline and wise self love, we will feel connected to our work. And when we connect our higher selves to our work, we will find our own, authentic voice, and in turn naturally inspire others.

Wishing you smooth Venus rebirth and growing wings of the heart,


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