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Aquarius Dreaming

Aquarius New Moon, kissed by the seal of Venus and Jupiter, starts a New Lunar Year

Aquarius New Moon on February 11

On the extraordinary Aquarius New Moon on February 11, 2021 we have six planets in the sign of Aquarius. The seeds planted now, and in the next two weeks are sealed with a kiss by Venus and Jupiter, which makes them potentially very auspicious.

Aquarius is showing the way to the future. We may be feeling a bit shaky because we are in an unknown territory. But frankly, there is no choice but to lean on this, yet another major leap forward. We are still in Mercury retrograde, but this is about long term planning. It matters not if we don't have detailed plans at this point - the important thing is to dream and envision a better world, not matter how unrealistic it may seem. We can all take a page from Aquarius' idealism, and simply fake it until you make it.

As I pointed out in my previous blog, the revolutionary forces of both the new and the old will be at it, all year. The first out of three major clashes between Saturn and Uranus, will be happening around February 17th.

Sometimes we ourselves represent the "new" (Uranus) in our personal lives. Sometimes we ourselves take on the role of the "old" (Saturn) holding on to traditions or beliefs in our personal lives. It can get confusing even to ourselves who represents the new and who represents the old. This is about long term planning and about knowing who we really are.

Dig deep, take advantage of this blessed Mercury retrograde to rethink the past, your priorities and truly "know thyself", as was inscribed in the forecourt of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi. This is the best advise for these truly historic, extraordinary times. We are on our way to the unknown.

Aquarius House in your chart

Pay attention to your Aquarius house and what it is trying to tell you, especially for the next few months. Here is where to find it based on your sun and rising sign:

Aries sun and rising - pay attention to friends, groups, networks are highlighted.

Taurus sun and rising - pay attention to career issues. This is a good year to learn and use technology to advance your career.

Gemini sun and rising - pay attention to higher education, religion, travel, anything that expands the mind is highlighted.

Cancer sun and rising - pay attention to hard work and luck regarding projects with other people and long term financial planning.

Leo sun and rising - pay attention to growth and luck regarding any kinds of one-on-one relationships, business or personal.

Virgo sun and rising - daily work, a good year create a daily health routine.

Libra sun and rising - hard work and luck related to creativity, romance, commitment and children are highlighted.

Scorpio sun and rising - pay attention to issues related to home environment and parents are highlighted.

Sagittarius sun and rising - hard work and luck regarding projects related to communicating. Dealings with siblings.

Capricorn sun and rising - hard work and good luck regarding organizing personal finances and values this year.

Aquarius sun and rising - your time has come. Your very identity, brand and very being is being reevaluated. Time to reinvent yourself from the bottom up.

Pisces sun and rising - spiritual focus, inner work, good year to start a meditation practice.

Happy Aquarius dreams,


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