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Balancing Our Way Through

Mars Retrograde September 9 to mid November 2020

Mars is now in retrograde until mid November, while creating conflict with Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter. This will mean delays, frustration and aggression. How to prepare? This is worth repeating from my previous blogs! First, avoid overreacting. Second, pick your battles and be strategic. Third, know that relief is coming by the end of the year. Fourth, make self care a priority.

When first learning the "tree pose", yoga practitioners are advised to pick a point straight ahead and set their gaze on it, in order to stay balanced while making the pose. Instead of engaging in a short term roller coaster of hope and fear of this fall, we can choose to set our gaze envisioning our future and already looking onto 2021. I spoke about Mars, and the United States' Pluto return with Jessica Paschke, an intuitive guide with a background in psychic mediumship. Watch the video:

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