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In Between Days

The liminal space between eclipses can reveal surprising answers.

We are heading towards the final highlights of 2020 before we finally leave it behind. Right now, we are hanging about in a liminal space between eclipses. On November 30th, we had a partial Lunar Eclipse in Gemini, and we are heading towards the total Solar Eclipse in the sign of Sagittarius on December 14, 2020.

We are in a space where one of the toughest years in memory is almost behind us. But 2020 is yet to reveal its next to the last card - the total solar eclipse. Right now is the time to look for our own Hodor moment (a Game of Thrones reference). A Hodor moment is a moment, purpose or a task that we have somehow sensed all of our life. A moment that echoes through time and space and defines our lives meaning. A moment that may appear insignificant, but whose consequences or revelations reveal our arc of purpose and echo through time and space.

Right now time bends and stretches. It is in this wobbly spaciousness that we can throw all logic out the window, plug into the rainbow matrix and get visionary answers of our own personal purpose. The answers we will get are most likely nothing clear, but just blurry lights, shadows, whispers and sudden insights that leave as soon as they arrive. The veil between worlds gets thinner between eclipses. It is in this liminal space that the true answers lie awaiting for our discovery. We have free will, so they will not come to us without seeking. Answers will come by insight and intuition, not force. So, as we seek our true purpose, the time to discover is here and now. Listen with all your senses, without logic. Let directionless be your direction. Ask to be shown, and you shall. And, then, believe what you have been shown, rather than brush it off as imagination, and go back to relying on the "rational" mind.

The last card of 2020 is about to be revealed on Winter Solstice on December 21, 2020. It is both the beginning and an ending. We are about to step through the ring of Aquarius to another place and time. Most likely we will not feel the significance of this change immediately, as Jupiter and Saturn are slow moving planets. But, take heart, significant it is. Whatever insights we have gained from in between days, then brings us to the other side of history. More on the Winter Solstice in my next post.

May you find your inner Hodor.



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