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In Between Eclipses

Aries Solar Eclipse on April 20, 2023 and Scorpio Lunar Eclipse on May 5, 2023

I have been asked a lot lately what is going on in the stars, because many feel that everything is falling apart for them right now. Last week was certainly especially lively for many and, shall we say eventful - including the astrologer herself. We had an exceptionally dramatic solar eclipse at 29 degrees Aries on April 20, 2023. Immediately following the new moon and eclipse, the Sun moved from Aries to Taurus, squared Pluto, and Mercury began a three-week retrograde.

And there's more. An eclipse always follows another eclipse within two weeks. On the 5th of May we will experience another, very dramatic lunar eclipse in the sign of Scorpio at 1:34pm EST.

So what does all of the above mean? A solar eclipse symbolizes future (sometimes something that has already happened, because the effect of eclipses can start even a month before the actual event) dramatic changes. But since the ruler of this eclipse was Mars in the sign of Cancer, where he doesn't function effectively, Mars wanted to go out fighting and claiming the land, he ended up mostly just ranting by himself. But an angry, frustrated Mars is a dangerous Mars. And he is also the ruler of the upcoming Scorpio lunar eclipse.

Nations, like stars, are entitled to eclipse. All is well, provided the light returns and the eclipse does not become endless night. Dawn and resurrection are synonymous. The reappearance of the light is the same as the survival of the soul. - Victor Hugo

One of the special features of eclipses is to speed things up. For example, if you were thinking of moving or changing jobs within a couple of years, the solar eclipse may symbolize a sudden, surprising change, such as losing your job, as a result of which you are forced to start acting immediately.

Mercury's immediate retrograde right after this solar eclipse may also cause things we thought were already dealt with to come back. (Or, sometimes things that are on hold before Mercury retrograde, actually get going during a retrograde.) But these are important things that simply need to be taken care of right now. It is often possible that this time, when we redo something again, we notice a mistake. As we can see, eclipses and retrogrades are not just negative events. They are mostly stressful events, but they do give us the opportunity to fix things that would have become even bigger problems in the long run.

Eclipse seasons are not an easy time. They are usually very fateful and show us that we are not as in control of our own lives as we would like to think. Make sure you get as much sleep, drink water and rest as much as possible.

Simply flow like water, bend like a tree and delay decisions as much as possible, because they will change anyway, due to the constantly shifting, foggy landscape. 
-Ursula @Lunardakini

At best, eclipses are fated in a good way - it is quite possible that you will attract an ideal partner or job. However, if this happens, the ancient astrologers teach that the situation may turn completely opposite within half a year, because the effect of eclipses may last for months or even years. However, this doesn't always happen, the partner stays for the rest of your life and the dream comes true. However, this latter possibility is frankly, quite rare.

The best advice during eclipses and especially between them is not to over react and not to believe in the emotional upheavals that often accompany their occurrence. Namely, there is plenty of drama to go around, especially in these two particular eclipses. However, the solar eclipse in Aries showed us how the universe throws things or opportunities our way that we often have to react to immediately. But, you can still take an extra hour, and read that fiery email again a couple of hours later before you actually send it. It may be that you have misunderstood the message sent to you, and read it in a completely different way than you read it a couple of hours ago. You might also have had a wonderful opportunity and you were sure that you would get it - but only to be disappointed by the end result. However, I can assure you that the universe is not just trying to torture us. Often when we get these seemingly meaningless, annoying disturbances, it wakes us up from a stupor. Now we are really awake and alert for the real opportunity that will come to us, but only at a later time.

Eclipses wake us up from illusions. They speed up things we weren't prepared for or felt ready for - however, the universe has a different opinion. You are more ready than you realized. Fighting back against the messages of the universe is useless - if we go with the flow, we will see that at some point we will arrive at the place we needed to arrive.

The time between eclipses, i.e. now until May 5, accompanied by Mercury retrograde is particularly foggy and confusing, a real time warp. Messages may go to the wrong place, you arrive late to the meeting, misunderstandings, drama and emotional upheaval are in store. The advice is to "tread lightly" and not start new things and not take all the drama and misunderstandings too seriously. Everybody is going through this on some level. Simply flow like water, bend like a tree and delay decisions as much as possible, because they will change anyway, due to the constantly shifting, foggy landscape.

The time between the eclipses is also famously the time when the veil between the living and the dead is at its thinnest. The eclipses opens portals during which communication to the other side is easier than usual.

When will it get easier? Right after the lunar eclipse, on May 6th, we should already start feel a shift starting the next day, at least mentally. However, I suggest starting all new projects and others only from May 22 onward, when Mars finally moves into Leo and most of all: Jupiter, the God of good luck and abundance, has entered the sign of Taurus for a year - this heralds good, uplifting things for most signs.




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