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Love in the Time of War

The US Pluto return. A rare Pisces New Moon. Astrology weather of Spring 2022.

The Pisces New Moon on March 2, 2022, presents us with a rare moment. Venus, Mars and Pluto form a conjunction in 27 degrees of Capricorn, (which is also the exact degree of the US Pluto return on January 20th). The new moon forms alongside with Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces. This, the most dramatic, emotional new moon of 2022 is laced simultaneously on one hand, with dangerous, warlike explosive tension, and on the other, expansive, extremely optimistic hope.

March of 2022 is a difficult month, and it starts with a new moon on March 2, 2022, riddled with tension. New moons always plant the seed for the lunar month that follows it. The good news is that because the new moon is in Pisces, along with Jupiter and Neptune, there is a lot to be hopeful about. It is true that Jupiter is very close to the sun, therefore considered combust, meaning that it is not as effective delivering Jupiter goodness and optimism as it would like. But, Jupiter is also in his own house, a very strong placement for Jupiter, which protects it from the combust aspect. In fact, the conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune are what the most biggest, expansive dreams and hopes are made out of. Let's keep that firmly in the back of our minds; that what ever is happening now, it has the seed of something remarkably positive baked into it.

But the road to such hopeful place will need time to develop and will not show itself for quite some time. In fact, there will be several seemingly hopeful moments only to be followed by a setback. The conjunction of Mars and Pluto is usually always extremely volatile. Mars, the god of war, is usually the last straw that finally ignites any given difficult situation into a full blown, open conflict. This was also the case in March of 2020 - the last time Mars met with Pluto. The good news is that this particularly explosive aspect is over by the end of this week - the bad news is that the new moon chart is now also baked with further conflict.

The US Pluto Return

What is a Pluto return? A return in astrology in general means that a planet returns to a place where it started at the time of birth. Just like the sun returns to the place of our birth day and time, which we then celebrate as our birthday. What is remarkable about Pluto is that it is a very slow planet, and takes about 240 years to travel around the sun. So when Pluto transited back to the exact degree of where it was at the time of the US declaration of independence, the birth of a nation, it is a remarkable milestone indeed. It is therefore hard to dismiss that Russia attacked Ukraine almost exactly on that day, completely undoing the balance of power in the world and essentially dragged the world and the US into an unwanted war. The Pluto return will happen two more times this year, July 11 and December 28 (due to Pluto retrograde).

What does Pluto represents? It's a cliche because it's true: Pluto is the ultimate planet of transformation, often by destruction. Anybody who has gone through a Pluto transit, knows that there is not even a drop of superficiality left when Pluto has completed its travel through an astrological house. Every single object in your "house" is found, inspected and either passes the inspection or is removed. On a personal level, (depending on your personal chart) it could be, for example, your relationships: you slowly realize that you have nothing in common with a certain group of people and that you simply don't have the energy that it takes to maintain those particular relationships. On the other hand, Pluto governs wealth, both literal and symbolic. It could be that you simultaneously find a whole new group of friends who have a "wealth" of new and deep interests closer to your heart, and interesting new connections to offer. As you can see, Pluto turns the soil in a powerful way: things that are no longer working are removed, but new, very strong seeds are sown into the freshly tilled land. People with very strong Pluto placements see opportunities where others dismiss them; many extremely wealthy people like Bill Gates have Pluto and Jupiter conjunction in their chart.

On a societal level, Pluto going through Capricorn represents old wealth, old institutions and beliefs. What ever is working with them, remains. But especially in the US we have seen a powerful destruction or at least the questioning of almost every single institution, whether a governmental, religious or historical beliefs, and finally questioning of democracy, the very foundational idea of the forming of the US itself. The fact that Venus and Mars are so very intimately involved this entire year, shows how very up and close personal this transformational process has been for the nation.

It is also interesting to note that in the US birth chart, four fortunate planets, and Part of Fortune are all situated in the 8th house, opposite of Pluto in the 2nd house. This is truly symbolic of "our fears are like dragons guarding our deepest treasures". The nation's sense of values, money and status, juxtapose the happiness and vitality of its citizens.

Tensions continue during March. After the new moon with Pluto volatility baked into it, Venus is then situated between Mars and Saturn in Aquarius, all month. Talk about a rock and a hard place! Whether personal or societal, peace and harmony will be almost impossible to achieve during March. Aquarius is a societal sign, so common people will not have an easy time, to say the least.

But we should see a great relieve of tensions starting April 5, when Venus finally leaves the Saturn ruled sign of Aquarius and ingresses into Pisces, its sign of exaltation. Discussions, agreements and contracts are now possible.

In fact, April 12 is one of most auspicious days of the year (May 1 is the second contender for this title) and definitely a time to plan and dream big, as Jupiter and Neptune are forming a particularly dreamy conjunction in the sign of Pisces, not seen in 165 years. Neptune represents on the positive side, spiritual awakenings, compassion and dreams. On the negative side, it represents naive, illusory over enthusiasm followed by dissolution and disappointment. Both are possible, but in the company of the most positive planet Jupiter, the manifestation of the positive side is much more likely.

Astrology of 2022 is dramatic, more so and differently than 2020. It predicts great lows and great heights. Pluto is the great exaggerator: it makes makes big things seem small and small things seem big. It has a tendency to catastrophize when there is no need for it, but also has a tendency to dismiss big things even when there really is a great urgency to pay attention - (like climate change). We have to be on our toes to figure out which is which. There is no question that we have been witnessing, and continue to witness history; we were there when it all changed. But the beautiful Jupiter-Neptune conjunction is also offering us an amazing opportunity to dream a different dream. Maybe the kind where dictators don't rule. This is the age of air, the age of the people, the age of Aquarius - not the naive version of the 60's, but the true, tested and hard won.



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