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Mars in Gemini for each Sign

Mars ingresses to the sign of Gemini and stays for 7 months, from August 20, 2022 to March 25, 2023. Mars retrogrades Oct 30, 2022 - Jan 12, 2023.

Mars always asks what are you willing to fight for and one way or another, energizes us. He is the planet of action, energy, conflict and war. In the sign of Gemini, Mars promises increased mental activity, sharp tongued communications, over-analyzing, uncertainty, division in many directions, intensified conflict and divided opinions on many matters. This concerns especially the US. I wrote about this in detail in my previous blog.

The passage of Mars in Gemini means that on a social as well as on a private level we can expect conflicts, uncertainty and general chaos, especially during Mars retrograde Oct 30, 2022 - Jan 12, 2023. October and November are exceptionally confusing time due to the Mars-Neptune square.

A few more things to note:

The new moon in Virgo on August 27 is a bit intense, due to an exact square from Mars. But I feel this is a very productive new moon. Yes, there will be a lot of pressure to get things done this week, but it will help us to get very organized, which is a good thing given the upcoming retrogrades.

Indeed, Mercury will change signs from Virgo to Libra on August 26th, and will retrograde from September 10 to October 2, 2022.

What follows are the general predictions for each sun and rising signs, especially from the point of view of Mars in Gemini for the next 7 months. For the best understanding of how this Mars transit affects your chart, read both your sun and rising signs.

ARIES - Have you been feeling lucky? You should, because Jupiter, the planet of plenty, is in your sign until October 28, and then again from December 20 - May 16, 2023. Jupiter in your sign has given you exciting opportunities, drive, energy and excitement. Hopefully this has resulted in increase in your actual bank account. But it may have also caused you to spend what you have earned. Ce la vie! However, excitement does not end here, but Mars entering your 3rd house of mind, siblings, communication and local environment for the next 7 months, will cause your mind to become very busy with ideas, while still being backed by Jupiter. This is a good time to do presentations, to write and make speeches and other communication related activities, but do plan ahead what and how you will say it. This energy can easily turn into opinionated, very sharp words that cannot be taken back.

TAURUS - Mars entering your house of money turns your attention to your finances. There might be some nervousness involved, because of all the signs, especially you don't like uncertainties. Sure, Mars may bring some unexpected expenses. But it can also bring out your inner hustle. The matters are not made any easier by Saturn in your 10th house of career. However, starting August 20th, Saturn and Mars are well aspected by a trine, meaning that hard work and some networking can bring seriously good opportunities as well. It's just that all kinds of surprises have come from every direction, and the pressure has been insurmountable especially since the beginning of July. Understandably, you feel somewhat unsettled. But no worries, because Venus, your sign ruler, has got this. By August 20th you should already feel slightly better. You can charm the living pants off people when you want to, so go do it! You have 7 months to hustle for your money.

GEMINI - When the planet of War enters the house of Gemini, it feels like your already naturally busy mind basically explodes into thousand pieces, in every direction. The trick is to plan for this. Don't take on any more projects, even if you think are the master of multitasking. For the next 7 months, you will be lucky to be able to handle even the current events and tasks. Learn to say no, several times a day. With the help of Mars, saying no will be a lot easier than usual, possibly even so easy you will feel and appear irritated. Starting this week you will be juggling so many things that anything additional will simply tip your body over. No. More. Projects. Self care. Now. Serenity now.

CANCER - You are getting closer to being done with your relationship transformations which have been intense, to say the least. Pluto has made sure every nook and cranny has been thoroughly examined over the past several years. You’ve also experienced major changes in your friends and networks due to Uranus. It’s a whole new, surprising world out there for you. Mars now moving to your 12th house means that for one reason or another, you may feel a sense of isolation much more than usual for the next 7 months. Since Mars also rules your career house, you maybe entering a period where you work more from behind the scenes or preparing something secretive. Increased mental activity is indicated, possibly even irritation and stress. This would be a good time to meditate, to create more mental balance. The good news is that Jupiter is supporting you in your career house, providing opportunities and expanding your world view.

LEO - You have been dealing with relationships, both business and personal, since the beginning of 2021, due to the taskmaster Saturn in your 7th house. You’ve had to question if you, or alternatively the other party, is committed or not. A lot of analyzing has taken place. Some very destined feeling, serious relationships have started, while other, more superficial ones, have ended. The scrutiny will be over by next March. This summer, Mars along with Uranus and the eclipses been activating your career and/or public image in surprising ways. Not all of the surprises have been pleasant either. But now Mars will energize your house of hopes and dreams, as well as friends and networks for the next 7 months - a great time to extend your networks and step up your game as the leader as you know you are. The universe is providing nice support for those efforts for the next 7 months.

VIRGO - Your career is about to take off like a rocket. But exactly which direction, remains to be seen. What is certain, is that you will be wanted in several places, at the same time for the next 7 months. Most likely you will have too many jobs to choose from. There will plenty of confusion in the middle of these many choices. But matters not, you will be way too busy to overthink like you usually do. Just roll up your sleeves, enjoy the feeling of being wanted, pick according to your excellent discernment abilities, do your best, and remember to breath.

LIBRA - Enough sitting around - you are getting that traveling bug again, in a major way! Your mind will be stimulated and you will feel like adventuring and exploring, whether it is traveling literally to far away places, or traveling metaphorically by studying and learning something new. The romance department has been a slight disappointment. It has been unusually serious business, with no clear direction. But, with Mars moving to your house of life philosophy and travel, the world will be your oyster for the next 7 months! Of course there will be occasional setbacks, but matters not, for you are excited and ready to go to places where no Libra has gone before.

SCORPIO - You will be so glad to get Mars out of opposition to your sign, where it has been causing havoc to your relationships along with Uranus, North Node and the eclipses. The surprises have been endless, and not all of them happy either. Mars will be settling in the house of other people's money next, so you will be dealing with negotiations, estates, insurance or investments. Or debts that you owe or is owed to you, materially or karmically. The good news is that now you know where you stand, and can go on from there.

SAGITTARIUS - You are more than ready to take off, but there seems to be an annoying naysayer around every corner that you or your partner try, which does not suit well your naturally optimistic mind stream. Mars in now opposite to your sign, challenging you or your partner. The trick is to go slow, even if that also contradicts the very essence of your excitable personality, but such are the times. Yet, steady, strategic progress is absolutely possible and this is the perfect time to learn that discipline and endurance can build something truly lasting and truly remarkable.

CAPRICORN - After still recovering from the past couple of years, this would be a great time to start a health care regiment. Jupiter is staying in your 4th house of home (except for a brief period mid October until December) until next May of 2023. This should give you the boost and confidence that you need to tackle both home and work area of the 6th house (where Mars is staying for 7 months) with energy and optimism. Go at it with your famous discipline though, because Mars can be an excitable taskmaster and ask you to go too far, too fast.

AQUARIUS - You are no stranger to Saturn as the ruler of your sun sign or first house. But actually hosting him in your first house of identity is still a different matter - it is serious business, especially when Saturn has been squaring Mars in your 4th house of home. Responsibilities, friction and surprises have been seemingly endless since the beginning of July. You will be glad to know that Mars is now off to the 5th house for the next 7 months, bringing passion back to both your romance department and energizing creative projects. This is just what the doctor ordered.

PISCES - You have been hosting Neptune in your sun sign or your first house, for what feels like forever. Sure, you always like dreamy spirituality and searching for the meaning of life. But you don't like confusion and disillusion and you are absolutely exhausted by them at this point. Mars has actually brought some clarity in your 3rd house of your mind since July. Perhaps you have even been more assertive than usual, experiencing bursts of aggression coming out of seemingly nowhere? Now Mars will enter your 4th house of home, bringing excitement in the form of either material or metaphorical renovation. This should be refreshing on some level, but please be aware during October and November when Mars squares Neptune - this will be exceptionally confusing time. Please take off your rose colored glasses off during those months. The silver lining is Jupiter in Pisces from October 28 - December 20. Jupiter will bring you much needed confidence and relief, and wisdom of discernment to know the difference from the Neptune-Mars square confusion spell.

The advise from my previous blog deserves repeating. The best preparation for this Mars transit is to try to remain as neutral as possible and, above all, flexible, even though it is difficult. The sky symbols predict that we want to act immediately, slamming the door for good, topping it with harsh words. Perhaps there is even a very good reason for that. But in the long run, it is still good to stay calm and collected, because even after 7 months of rants and tantrums, Mars won't win, but Saturn's long-term, icy cold strategy wins in the end. The one who remains strategic, flexible and calm, wins.


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