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The meeting of Uranus, Mars and the North Node of the moon in the beginning of August started a fated chain of events. Challenging Full Moon in Aquarius. Feisty New Moon in Virgo. Mars stays in the sign of Gemini for seven months, promising chaos and division of opinion.

August is quite challenging due to the very serious full moon in Aquarius on August 11 and the Virgo new moon on August 27 is no less serious. The meeting of Uranus, Mars and the North Node of the moon in the beginning of August brought with it fatal, surprising changes and events. Some of it quite good too, by the way - Uranus never ceases to outdo itself with its unpredictable nature.

Uranus symbolizes surprises (good and bad), revolutions, sudden realizations, an absolute desire for freedom and also brilliant flashes of insight. Mars symbolizes action, courage, impatience, passion and conflict. The North Node of the Moon, on the other hand, simply increases the influence of these already explosive planets and brings a fated quality along with it. The North Node of the Moon often also brings with it surprising events or meetings that typically later turn out to be fated in some way. Since the meeting of these planets takes place in the sign of Taurus, which is ruled by Venus, issue about women-related issues and the presence of female leaders in the public eye will surface. As we have already witnessed, changes and interruptions are also to be expected for anything physical, such as food and energy supplies. You may also meet a person or something will happen to you that will have a big, fated impact on your life. However, with Mars involved it means that although there is certainly a lot of excitement and passion, there is also a lot of irritation and conflicts. Especially in the line of fire are the fixed signs, i.e. those with the sun or especially the rising sign in Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.

Challenging Full Moon in Aquarius

Whatever happens, it is not however, a complete surprise. These issues have been brewing in the subconscious, or literally behind the scenes without us being fully aware of them. Still, the surprise that Uranus brings will feel like a fully anticipated event afterwards. But when things come to a challenging head on the full moon on August 11 in the sign of Aquarius, the biggest surprise is perhaps our own reaction. Only now do we realize how much we have kept things inside of us, how far we have let things come to without doing anything about them and how much they have bothered us. The full moon is challenging because it squares the North Node and Uranus, and especially because of the proximity of Saturn to it, meaning that a challenging topic will forcefully come to the surface.

Getting Organized Before Chaos

The good news is that Mercury entered its home sign of Virgo on August 4th, is well dignified, and therefore helps us organize our thoughts and work environment, approach things logically and get a LOT done during August and the beginning of September. Pay attention to what happens starting August 21, when Mercury enters his shadow. We will be visiting those issues again at the end of September, because Mercury will retrograde from September 10 to October 2, 2022.

The Virgo new moon on August 27 is very tightly squared by Mars in Gemini, indicating the start of intense and sharp communications, negotiations, contracts and presentations that we will return to by the end of September. The good news is that Mercury ingresse into Libra the previous day, providing diplomacy and at least surface level civility. While this is an intense new moon due to Mars, there is a very nice, productive quality to it. Despite the rush Mars wants to put in it, and Mercury already being in his shadow, I believe this new moon is still a good time to sign contracts. There is a possibility that something needs to be revised later on, but I feel it is for the better, not worse.

Mars in Gemini for seven...(!) months

Mars moves into the sign of Gemini on August 20 and stays there for an incredible seven months, until finally moving into the sign of Cancer on March 25, 2023. During that time, Mars will retrograde from October 30 (25 degrees in Gemini), until January 12, 2023 (6 degrees in Gemini). That is; Mars is in the sign of Gemini for more than 7 months and retrogrades for up to 74 days of that time. Obviously, this has an effect on all Geminis, (especially Gemini rising), and anyone with many planets in Gemini. Mars, the planet of action and war in the sign of Gemini, promises increased mental activity, sharp tongued communications, over-analyzing, uncertainty, division in many directions , intensified conflict and divided opinions on many matters.

The US birth chart is particularly affected by the Mars transit (the Mars return and the transit of Uranus in the 7th house), and no surprise to anyone, because the midterm elections are coming up on November 8th. There is an even deeper division of opinions and people into two, which will then affect the rest of the world as well. (And let's not forget the seemingly unending US Pluto return still brewing in the background, slowly but surely, crumbling all the old, established ways and beliefs.)

The passage of Mars in Gemini means that on a social as well as on a private level we can expect conflicts, uncertainty and general chaos, especially during Mars retrograde Oct 30, 2022 - Jan 12, 2023.

The best preparation is to try to remain as neutral as possible and, above all, flexible, even though it is difficult. The sky symbols predict that we want to act immediately, slamming the door for good, topping it with harsh words. Perhaps there is even a very good reason for that. But in the long run, it is still good to stay calm and collected, because even after 7 months of rants and tantrums, Mars won't win, but Saturn's long-term, icy cold strategy wins in the end. The one who remains strategic, flexible and calm, wins.

Jupiter can't help with his optimism as per usual because he's in Aries, and retrograde for most of the fall, and doesn't go direct until the American Thanksgiving on November 25th, after which it moves back into Aries on December 20, when he is once again in the house ruled by Mars, and therefore mostly just upping the antics of Mars.

Later in the fall, we can expect a new moon solar eclipse in the sign of Scorpio on October 25 and a full moon lunar eclipse in the sign of Taurus on November 8. Dramatic beginnings and endings and other, fun churnings can be expected again, especially for Scorpio and Taurus rising. More about the eclipses at a later time.

So, we have an eventful autumn ahead of us. It is good to prepare by reminding yourself to be as neutral, flexible and strategic as possible and to take good mental and physical care of yourself, and not to let others drag you down into their level of harsh words and pointless arm wrestling matches, which only wastes energy. There will be enough conflicts, chaos and mental irritation for everyone equally this fall. But these conflicts also gets things moving, and we get things done. It will take courage and persistence to stay in your own lane. When washing dishes, the dishwater often becomes dirtier than when you started, but that is a sign that what you are doing is effective, and the end result is clean dishes.

"Without courage, we cannot practice any other virtue with consistency. We can't be kind, true, merciful, generous, or honest." - Maya Angelou


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