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Welcome to the Desert of the Real

Jupiter transits back to Aquarius on July 28, 2021. Aquarius Full Moon on July 23 & August 22.

The Brief Jupiter Party is Over - for now

It was fun while it lasted, but by observing the celestial movements, we could already anticipate that when Jupiter transits back to Aquarius (from its own sign of Pisces) on July 28, restrictions would be reinstated. Jupiter will once again be limited in its ability to rain Jupiter goodness of mind-expansive things, like travel, parties and all things fun.

On the other hand, having Jupiter back in Saturn's house is a welcome relief to the serious Saturn's Aquarius house. The good news: Jupiter will return to Pisces from December 29, 2021 to May 10, 2022.

Sobering Full Moon

But before Jupiter returns to Aquarius, we will have the Full Moon on Friday or Saturday July 23 or 24, (depending on your location). This is a sobering, serious, full moon in the sign of Aquarius. Things are being revealed and completed that perhaps you didn't want to see or complete. But at least now we see what the current reality actually looks like. And there will be nothing new about any of it - things we find out, we had already suspected, or had an inclining about. But it is a highly triggering full moon, that will be felt both even a few days before, and after, on an individual and collective level. It will be exceptionally difficult to sit in the back seat.

In the meantime, Mercury trines Neptune - this is potentially a lovely and imaginative, if a bit confusing, aspect. It is not meant for highly detailed work or big decisions, but it is great for spirituality, art and using our imaginations. It is an ideal time to do or enjoy something artistic with your family or friends. A great choice to deal with the potentially intense full moon.

But there's more. We will have yet another Aquarius Full Moon on August 22, 2021. If we were in denial about anything before, we certainly won't be by the time of the second full moon in August. But by then, however, Jupiter is back in Aquarius bringing much needed lightness and ideally helping to transform serious things into something beneficial.

Cyclic Existence

Why is sobering up so very difficult for us? Because as modern people, we really thought we had full control over our environment. It has been difficult for most of us to let go of the view that the events of 2020 are nothing but a brief setback in our otherwise seemingly up trending lives, which we assumed would keep expanding and going up and up, without ever stopping. We were drunk on illusion of an endless upward trend.

But the ancients tell us that life is cyclical. Like I Ching or The Wheel of Fortune Tarot card teaches us - yes, now you are on your way up, but as soon as you reach the peak, the journey downwards begins - until up we go again.

Desert plants and animals adapt to their harsh environment by preserving water in their bodies. We can keep the watery memory of Jupiter in Pisces time in our bodies, and let it nourish us metaphorically when needed. And we can try to find beauty in little things, in simplicity and in our new found values. Perhaps we can even begin to come to terms with not knowing with complete certainty where we are going next. Surrendering and being ready to adapt to what ever may come in the road ahead, can be liberating. The full moon over desert is actually quite magical in its majestic simplicity and stillness.



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