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Jupiter in Taurus

The Golden Bull or meaningful success? Jupiter in Taurus May 16, 2023 - May 26, 2024.

We are just only now recovering from a very intense eclipse season that brought surprising beginnings and/or endings and people from the past. But even though the upcoming New Moon in Taurus on Friday May 19th is quite nice and officially ends the eclipse season, it almost simultaneously brings with it one of the most intense weekends of the year. Mars forms an opposition to Pluto and at the same time a square to Jupiter. At worst, you can expect some kind of power struggle, conflict or pressure either from society, a group or some particularly strong-willed individual. At best, however, this aspect also brings with it some kind of intense but unique opportunity that may bring with it great wealth. Astrology's great gift is that it helps us become aware of energies, and we can choose to react to situations consciously or subconsciously. If you have a choice in the matter, I suggest reacting one way or the other only after the 23rd of May, when the astrological sky of contradictions, prone to explosion, has calmed down a bit.

Jupiter in Taurus

Jupiter moved into the sign of Taurus on May 16, for a year. This is good news because Jupiter like visiting the sign of Taurus, ruled by Venus. Jupiter and Venus are the most positive planets in astrology. Jupiter symbolizes abundance, expansion and positivity. In the sign of Taurus, Jupiter helps us grow what we sow, especially on a material level, but also on an ideological, philosophical and interpersonal level. However, astrology always has a lot going on at the same time and in this blog I will only cover Jupiter in Taurus. The previously mentioned New Moon in the sign of Taurus on Friday May the 19th and the following weekend is still an intense time, but from May 23rd onward it is a really good time to cultivate our dreams and boldly start projects, because we have Jupiter's support.

Taurus Time is the Time of Cultivation

Now would be an excellent opportunity to make it clear to yourself what you want to sow in your garden of dreams, that is, what you want from the future. Jupiter helps us expand and grow our dream until May 26, 2024. However, Taurus is a slow sign, so changes may take time. But if you cultivate your field of dreams now, you may see the results in less than a year.

Be Careful what you ask for, because you Might Just Get It

Many times we are very aware of what we don't want. We are less often aware of what we really want. But if we always focus on thinking only about what we don't want, it becomes like a negative prayer. That way, we may subconsciously attract the very things we don't want. On the other hand, when we consciously make it clear to ourselves what we really want, we attract precisely those positive visions.

This concept sounds simple, but it's not. I can tell you from a personal experience that it is easiest to start by thinking about what you don't want, because it helps to clarify what you really want. After that, it's easier to focus only on that positive vision. With this technique, we invite the universe, and in this case specifically Jupiter, to actively and consciously help us make our positive dreams a reality. If, on the other hand, we only focus on negative things and feelings, we may unconsciously attract them to us.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

However, I already mentioned that the sign of Taurus works slowly. Sometimes no matter how much we stay positive, things still don't go our way. Things take time in Taurus and besides, Karma and the universe are a complicated combination. Self-blame is pointless and causes depression and a feeling of powerlessness that only makes things worse. Sometimes things happen regardless of us or our own karma. After all, we are here to dance with other people and things get complicated when our karma and other people's karmas get mixed up.

Still, positive thinking is powerful and promotes both mental and physical well-being. Our brain and body are like a fine tuned computer. But they can only follow the commands we give them, that is - our thoughts. Even if at first you are not in a particularly good mood, if you just continue the positive line of thinking, your thoughts will slowly turn more positive. "Fake it until you make it". That is, if you pretend to be in a good mood, then after a while you may feel yourself in a good mood, for real.

The Unbearable Lightness of Being

Jupiter also symbolizes a sense of humor. A lighter grip and laughter are actually really serious things. Humor is an amazingly powerful, healing tool, because it brings sunlight and room to breathe in the middle of dark things, making it easier to get a new perspective on things. Many times the things we take very seriously are actually completely absurd. Sometimes when we hear about someone else's problems, they sound small and we think there is an easy solution to them. But this other person probably thinks exactly the same way about our problems too.

Cultivate your Dreams with the help of the Moon

The cycle of the Moon is an excellent way to consciously cultivate our dreams and at the same time tune in and connect with the cycles of the universe and nature. A couple of days after almost every New Moon is an excellent time to write down our positive dreams. The time of the Full Moon is then the time to check how our dream has started to grow. This is a good time to fix or make changes to the things that are not working. The next two weeks before the next new moon it is then the time to harvest. The next New Moon is then again an opportunity to start over or to continue and strengthen our dream.

Jupiter as an Archetype

As an archetype, Jupiter is wise, fair, generous, gentle and mostly wants good for everyone, but when he gets angry, he shows his Thunder-god side by lightning. Almost every culture has an Jupiter archetype as a God or teacher of wisdom and bringer of abundance.

The sign of Taurus, on the other hand, is steady and calm, although it will eventually attack if it gets irritated. Taurus is sensual and materialistic, but not in a greedy, rather in a comfort-seeking sense. Taurus appreciates nature and the material world in general. Taurus is stubborn and does not like change. Taurus forces others to make changes around them by being passive. However, Taurus can also be amazingly deep and philosophical. This is because when you stubbornly sit still in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the world, you see a lot. When Jupiter enters the sign of Taurus, Jupiter expands all these qualities. A positive side of expansion is that we can grow especially our material well-being and also our positive view of life. One of the negative side effects can be an excessive desire for comfort.

The Trap of the Golden Bull

Jupiter's arrival in Taurus gives us an opportunity to think about what we really want from life. What does "success" mean to us personally? For example, is it money and fame? Taurus absolutely does not reject money, but on the other hand, it does not value it in of itself, but only because it can buy comfort.

When we then think about what we really want from life, Taurus' philosophy can actually point us to the right direction. When you think about your future dream, how does it make you feel? Do you dream about sitting on top of a pile of money? Doesn't sound very comfortable practically speaking at least! Material well-being is of course a good thing, as long as it is not bought at the expense of, for example, spiritual life or human relationships. Taurus' desire for comfort thus helps us get to the core of happiness, that is, it encourages us to ask what success really looks and feels like to us.

Do we measure success mostly by how it looks in other people's eyes? Is your success just a materialistic, golden bull, that is not actually alive?

In relationships (ruled by Venus), we can also ask ourselves if we would rather be right than loved? That is, are we ready to meet to the other person halfway, or do we stubbornly stick only to our own point of view? We can also ask if we are comfortable being with this person, or do we, for example, continue a friendship just because it is only polite to do so? Surprisingly, it might be much more polite to become aware of how you really want friendship to feel. If it doesn't feel comfortable, it's much more compassionate not to waste other people's time or your own.

So, after May 16, it's a really good opportunity to think about what "success" means to us personally. What is your ultimate goal of success? Is the ultimate goal, for example, to spend more time with your family? How does your goal make you feel? If we allow our inner comfort or discomfort (Taurus) to be our guide and listen to our wise, inner teacher (Jupiter) we may be better able to clarify and achieve our personal, authentic success.

Jupiter in different signs

Read both your sun sign and your rising sign (if you know it). Please note, however, that chart based on the time of your birth gives you a more accurate, personalized reading.

ARIES - Jupiter in your second house is really good news for your wallet, as well as your self-esteem. This year, you may be able to show off your special skills and even get paid for them, for example in the form of a promotion or a salary increase!

TAURUS - Jupiter spends the year in your first house of identity, body and health. So this is basically your lucky year! But in this case, in addition, Saturn in your 11th house of hopes, dreams, friends and networks may bring challenges, but also support. For example, you may find completely new, more mature friends and networks that will stay in your life for a long time.

GEMINI - Jupiter in your 12th house helps with self-exploration and especially meditation. If you have found meditation difficult in the past, now is a good time to start. Jupiter brings positive thinking and broadens your world view. It also brings healing or people who can help you in this house of introspection and the subconscious.

CANCER - Jupiter in your 11th house is very lucky for all the Cancers, as it is the house of dreams, friends and networks. This is not a year to stay home (even though it is Cancer's favorite place), but network, make friends and make your dreams come true. You may even publish a creative work or get a dream job that you have been working towards for for a long, long time.

LEO - Jupiter in your 10th house is a great time to either get a promotion or receive honors in your current career, or to find great new career opportunities. Saturn in your 8th house may cause some frustration, but it also makes you finally arrange your karmic debts in good order and get rid of the factors that slow you down, after which Saturn assists you in your career, especially in matters that require cooperation with others.

VIRGO - Jupiter in your 9th room is an excellent opportunity to expand your worldview either by traveling, studying, or even finally become a teacher yourself. Virgo is often too self-critical, but this is the time to recognize that it is actually your duty to finally share the knowledge that you have studied and gathered for so long and present your talents and skills to the world.

LIBRA - Jupiter in your 8th house brings luck to all kinds of projects that require cooperation with others. This is also a karmic room and when the planet of good luck arrives there, it usually tells about some future good karma that others owe you. Inheritance and the financial issues they bring along, may also be on the back burner until next May.

SCORPIO - Jupiter in your 7th house good for all your relationships, but especially intimate relationships. This is your very lucky year to find a romantic relationship! For those who are already in a committed relationship, this is a good year to make the relationship official or otherwise just deepen and grow closer as a result of joint struggles and victories.

SAGITTARIUS - Jupiter in your 6th house brings invigorating and inspiring changes to your daily routine. At the same time, Saturn in your home room indicates renovation or moving. If you are not planning an actual move, you are renovating your home environment, and the people living there, either symbolically or physically. Jupiter brings healing and happiness and helps to solve challenges especially related to your home environment and daily rutines.

CAPRICORN - Jupiter in your 5th house brings luck to the areas of romance, creativity or your children's life. Jupiter in this room can mean an addition to the family! This "birth" can also symbolize creative work or a new romance. This is particularly happy news for Capricorns, who have had a hard time since first Pluto and then Saturn passing through your house of identity since 2008 - that is, for far too long.

AQUARIUS - Jupiter in your 4th house is good news for your home environment. You maybe moving to a bigger home or experience your surroundings in a new, inspiring way. One way or another, your understanding of what a home means will expand this year. Sometimes Jupiter in this room also symbolizes the passing away of either elderly parents or grandparents. Saturn in your second room brings to an end the open issues related to your world of values, money and property, which have possibly dragged on for a long time.

PISCES - Jupiter in the 3rd, i.e. in your house of communication, is an excellent time to show off your gifts of communication, for example by publishing a book, improve your relationship with siblings or bring inspiration to your immediate environment. Jupiter will help you succeed in these areas until next May, and will bring the results of your work to your doorstep in less than a year. At the same time, Saturn in your first house of identity, body and health can bring challenges. Now is the time to be selective, setting boundaries both for yourself and for others, and saying no to things that wear you out or that you do just to please others.




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