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New Inner Vision brought to you by Jupiter

Jupiter in Pisces from May 14 to July 29, 2021. Welcome to meeting your inner guide.

Jupiter arrives in its own sign Pisces, from May 14 until July 29. This is a much anticipated event in astrology, because Jupiter, the planet of hope, abundance, growth and expansion, has been staying in the Saturn ruled signs of Capricorn and Aquarius since December 2019. Hope and inspiration have been restricted ever since. Now, we finally get a peak at the new world, accompanied by actual hopes and dreams.

Be forewarned, however, that Jupiter's journey to its home is brief. The fall will bring in more of the same that we are already used to dealing with. But the good news is, that what ever dreams we plant now, we will see them in bloom starting in January 2022, when Jupiter arrives to Pisces for good. Therefore, it is important to take advantage of this precious, fortunate Jupiter time. Particularly the first 3 weeks of May are an excellent time to plan and dream something new.

The New Moon in Taurus on May 11th is an auspicious start for this journey. The perfect time to make your new moon wishes is Thursday May 13th at 10pm EST, on Jupiter's day on Jupiter's hour.

Keep in mind that Mercury will retrograde from May 29 to June 23, and we won't be out of its post-shadow period until July 7. This may bring in some delays and frustrations. But it is a good time to reorganize and reconnect with people from your past.

The Lunar eclipse on May 26th in the sign of Sagittarius will then take away things that no longer serve, while the Solar eclipse on June 10th in Gemini will most likely start something new (although could also mean endings, depending on your chart).

To figure out how this Jupiter transit might affect you personally, think of the themes that you were dealing with the last time Jupiter was in Pisces, mid January 2010 to June 2010 and September 2010 to January 2011.

Jupiter in Pisces is more about our inner world than our outer world. Jupiter wants to expand, grow, dream, enjoy and share. Perhaps things have gotten to a point we no longer dare to hope? Well, Jupiter is here to remind us that good things start by dreaming them up first.

We now live in a world where nothing is the same as it ever was. Our inner guidance maybe off, because we have not learned to navigate this new world yet.

In addition to astrology, which is an excellent tool for timing things, I have gathered my favorite inner wisdom tools to remind you, or get you started on your own inner-dreaming journey.


One of the best ways to develop intuition is to develop a regular divination practice. For example, pull a card from your favorite Tarot or oracle deck at the start of every day. After awhile, it will become evident how the cards communicate with you personally, and guide you in your upcoming day. It is the only guaranteed way for you, and your deck of cards really get to know each other. Guidebooks can only guide so much. They were written by someone else, whereas you know best for you. Just one card a day, or two at the most, is enough. See how they start communicating with you.


There is simply no better way to develop intuition and inner guidance than meditating. It creates spaciousness within your mind. Meditation helps us to access our observational, instead of our usual, judging mind. Meditation also helps to become less attached, and less obsessed with certain outcomes. The point of meditation is to expand, and even temporarily suspend the subjective world view. When you stop seeing the world completely subjectively, only then will you start to really "see".

Believe in the Signs.

Believe in the signs that are shown to you, every day. Let's say that when you think of doing something, suddenly you hear a song from somewhere, or a bird flies right in front of you - that is your personal sign. The more you believe, the more signs are shown to you. If you don’t believe, the less signs you are shown. This system automatically weeds out the non-believers. The signs work for you, if you believe in them, and on the other hand, they don't work for you, if you don't believe in them. It really is that simple.

You Gotta Have Faith.

Doubting is good - we wouldn't want to be too naive or get fooled. But endless, too-clever-for-your-good kind of cynical doubting rubs us our joy of life. Does it ultimately really matter if a sign, or belief, is absolutely true, in a very scientific measurable way, or not? How about leaving the door cracked open, and letting some sunshine in? Does believing in the signs make your life better and more connected in the world around you? If you say yes, then go for it. You will be happier for it, and that is all that matters. Eventually, you will also discover that those signs did indeed lead you all along the way, after all.

YOLO - not! We absolutely do not live only once. Everything in nature recycles - then why not us? Karma, both good and bad, comes from our previous lives. Having faith in the afterlife costs you nothing. Have faith that your life is indeed guided.

To summarize; divine, meditate, observe the signs and have faith. Welcome to meeting your inner Jupiter.

Wishing you blessed, abundant inner journey,


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