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Revised Dreams and Mercury Retrograde for each sign

Sagittarius New Moon, Mercury Retrograde and Full Moon on December 26, 2023

The New Moon in the sign of Sagittarius on December 13, 2023, formed a square with Neptune. Simultaneously, Mercury is in retrograde for the next two weeks, first in Capricorn and then in Sagittarius. The Full Moon on December 26, 2023, at 7:33 PM EST occurs in the sign of Cancer.

Mercury retrogrades from Capricorn to Sagittarius

What does this mean? Typically, Mercury retrograde (December 12, 2023, to January 2, 2024) symbolizes a need to pause, reflect, and address issues we thought were already behind us. On a practical level, we may experience confusion and difficulties regarding any kind of communication: travel plans may change frequently, computers and appliances may malfunction, etc.

However, Mercury retrogrades first in Capricorn and then in the optimistic sign of Sagittarius. For the next two weeks, there is hope that things that seemed lost might come back, possibly in a much more positive way. Matters that appeared hopeless may turn around, potentially in a better direction.

However, due to Neptune's influence, we may not see everything clearly at the moment, and things might seem more positive than they actually are. The positivity and exuberance of Sagittarius can be inspiring, but at its worst, it can become fanaticism, leading to significant disappointment. The pursuit of common good and tolerance may transform into pressure, felt either on a personal or societal level. It's easy to get involved in highly principled and emotionally charged discussions, even though the overall atmosphere is more hopeful than during the eclipses a couple of months ago. However, it is advisable, especially during the holiday season, to thread lightly around the topics such as politics and religion in conversations with those relatives whose opinion you already know too well.

This year's holiday celebrations may carry a forced sense of optimism rather than genuine joy. While many would like to celebrate with an optimistic mindset, it may not be entirely successful for everyone, as vague fears and negative thoughts may easily take over. It is essential to be cautious about excessive drinking and eating, as the desire to drown uncertainty and fears beneath superficial celebration is strong. The louder the voice in social media about how much fun we are having, the more likely there is a desperate need to conceal the reality.

The temptation to make grand, grandiose gestures and draw sweeping conclusions with a loud voice is immense. Patience seems to be running out in finding practical solutions because it feels like we have been working on details for too long without finding a solution. The best remedy for this is to take a moment, look at the situation objectively, keep our feet on the ground, and try to find faith and joy in simple and authentic things. This cliché is particularly true this holiday season.

Old Dreams Come to an End

Practical solutions are already available, though they may not be entirely visible until the full moon and, at the latest, the new year. It's a good time to conclude old matters and dreams. The transition to the new year aligns well with the celestial movements this year. Mercury retrograde can, at worst, cause frustration and communication disruptions, but at its best, it provides an opportunity to redo things and often forces us to slow down and look back.

The full moon in Cancer on December 26, 2023, at 7:33 PM EST, continues the balancing act between grand gestures, principles, and authenticity. At this time, we see what didn't work in our dreams and can slowly begin to rebuild them. Moreover, this full moon in Cancer, representing family and loved ones, is hopeful and emotional. Just four days later, on New Year's Eve, we begin to see solutions gradually. At this point, we understand that real, profound change always begins silently, from within, and it doesn't necessarily need to declare itself loudly.

New, Fresh Winds of January

New or improved, better dreams await in January, when genuine optimism returns. Both Jupiter and Mercury turn direct, bringing significant relief and inspiration immediately after the new year. However, planets need time to pick up full speed, so things start rolling seriously only in the second week of January.

Until then, we can look back, slow down, reconsider, and remember internal authenticity instead of grand gestures and fanatical principles.

Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn and Sagittarius for Each Sign

Read both your Sun and Rising signs (if known).

ARIES - Mercury retrogrades in the 10th house regarding your career and visibility in the world, and in the 9th house concerning your personal life philosophy. You've been contemplating your visibility and role in the world; looking back over this year, it's as if you are a new person in these areas. Despite facing many challenges, you've learned to trust yourself and find inner courage, caring less about what others think. It's essential to recognize and celebrate how well you've overcome challenges as a winner!

TAURUS - Mercury retrogrades in the 9th house of life philosophy, religion, travel, higher education, and the 8th house related to shared resources and debts. Financial matters, especially shared ones, have tested your principles and beliefs. Have you borrowed or asked others for debts, materially or karmically, based on principles? You now have the opportunity to reconsider. Make sure that everyone involved is treated fairly, including yourself.

GEMINI - Mercury retrogrades in your 8th and 7th houses. You will be reminded of challenges in relationships and financial matters and the obligations they bring. Changes in your partner's work or financial situation have affected your life, and vice versa. Now is the time to reconsider how responsibilities and changes in financial situations impact relationships and redo them, as needed.

CANCER - Mercury retrogrades in your 7th and 6th houses. Challenges and even good opportunities at work have caused difficulties in your relationships. You couldn't split yourself in two directions; either work or relationships suffered. Now you have the chance to correct the situation. Keep in mind that work without close relationships is not worth it in the end. Don't sacrifice your relationships on the altar of your career; at the very least; try to find a balanced middle ground.

LEO - Mercury retrogrades in your 6th and 5th houses. Now you have the opportunity to get relief from challenges at work or in daily routines. The work situation may not necessarily improve, but when you relax and have fun, you see the challenges from a new perspective. From the beginning of the year, the situation may no longer appear as an external challenge but as an opportunity to challenge yourself. Keep in mind that when Jupiter enters your house of dreams and wishes next May, you can smile with a lioness smile once again.

VIRGO - Mercury retrogrades in your 5th and 4th houses. The situation in your house of romance and creativity gets a chance to reconsider things, especially from Monday, December 18. A creative or work project has taken much more energy than you initally thought. The romantic situation that seemed unfavorable now turns the other way around, making home life feel comfortable again for a moment. You are right to be cynical - the situation is temporary, but it genuinely brings relief and new optimism to your uncertain state that seems to last forever. Use this time to gather your strength, knowing that January looks much much less murky and easier.

LIBRA - Mercury retrogrades in your 4th and 3rd houses, affecting the areas of home, communication, local environment, and siblings. Matters related to parents, ancestors, and siblings now have your full attention. You may not be very excited about revisiting these issues, but notice that this time things are turning out better than you had the patience to believe. You might even be positively surprised and change your mind about people and things you thought were a lost cause in some way. It's as if Mercury is picking up optimism in your communication zone and bringing it to your home - what better news for the holiday season!

SCORPIO - Mercury retrogrades in your 3rd and 2nd houses, affecting communication, finances, and self-worth. Serious thoughts and even hobbies you've taken very seriously now get a more positive, lighter perspective when Mercury goes to fetch optimism in your house of finances and self-worth. Yes, your knowledge and skills have taken a giant leap, giving you self-confidence. In every way, things look better than you thought - maybe they weren't worth all that worry in the first place?

SAGITTARIUS - Mercury retrogrades in your 2nd and 1st houses. Your identity and financial matters related to your sense of self-worth get a fresh look. Try to keep these two separate. You are not the same as the difficulties in your finances or self-esteem. The sun will shine on even in your corner of the world, rest assured. And what you possess is an incredible potential to succeed big time, against all odds, in the way that only a Sagittarius can.

CAPRICORN - Mercury retrogrades in your 1st and 12th houses, impacting your identity and matters related to hidden or unconscious aspects. It may bring out things from the subconscious or physical hiding that you thought you had already dealt with. You have the opportunity to examine things you wouldn't normally see about yourself. This leads to positive changes in how you perceive yourself. It could also be about an illness for which you now find a remedy. For many, this may manifest as new understanding of what causes latent stress. Only now may you see how stressed you have been, and what is causing it, prompting you to find ways to bring you healing.

AQUARIUS - Mercury retrogrades in your 12th and 11th houses, affecting hidden or unconscious matters and areas related to friends, groups, and networks. You get a new opportunity to understand and see who your real friends are and whom you genuinely want to spend your time with. Aquarius would like to spend time with everyone simultaneously, even if only watching from the sidelines. But you can't split yourself into so many parts, and now you understand that trying to understand everyone is energy wasted. It's better to be a little more selective in your company in order to do actual bonding.

PISCES - Mercury retrogrades in your 11th house of wishes, dreams, friends, groups, and your 10th house of career and visibility. Changes in your career or visibility in the world bring along new friendships or networks. It's also possible that new acquaintances bring positive changes to your career. Now is a good time to be social and respond to invitations, giving yourself a chance to make new, beneficial acquaintances and friendships.

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