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Seal it and then Dream It

Mercury retrograde. Pisces full moon.

Finish It and Seal It

We are already starting to feel Mercury slowing down, but during the week of September 5-9, 2022, there is still time to get things accomplished, right before Mercury goes retrograde for 3 weeks, starting Saturday September 10 until October 2, 2022.

This Mercury retrograde happens mainly in Libra (until September 24 and again starting October 11) so it has mostly to do with relationships and contracts, and most likely both. During Mercury retrograde old projects and contacts, especially ex partners or friends tend to show up and we are being offered to redo or revise our relationship to them. But Jupiter being opposite to this retrograde, what you want vs. what others' want, and how you express your needs, may become an issue. Some pressure is indicated, and there is a tendency to go too far too fast, even with good things, only having to retreat and redo.

Another possibility is that we will experience delays in our current projects. Generally it is not advisable to sign contracts, buy electronics or start something new during Mercury retrograde. However, if it can't be helped, just prepare yourself that you will most likely end up renegotiating, reevaluating, redirecting priorities and even changing directions altogether at some point in September or October.

If you have strong Mercury placements or transits affecting your chart, you might be experiencing delays already. Mercury retrograde's benefit is that having to redo contracts, while annoying, often leads to an even better contract. But if you have been working on something for awhile now, this is the week to finalize and seal it as soon as possible. Otherwise it is advisable to wait until 13th of October to finalize.

Incoming: Dreamy Pisces Full Moon

The Pisces full moon on Saturday, September 10, 2022, is then the perfect time to rest and celebrate! This full moon has no hard aspects, so it is truly a lovely, Jupiterian ruled full moon. When you finish everything up by Friday the 9th, you can now fully actually enjoy the Mercury retrograde time and even the fuzzy Neptunian confusion, which is not great for doing anything that requires concentration or details, but it is fantastic for relaxation and letting go. The closeness of Neptune adds dreamy, blue ocean like qualities to this full moon, and makes it the perfect day and night to do anything spiritual and water related, like a day at a spa or a yoga center near a body of water. Anything creative, artistic, nature and water related is favored.



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