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The Stage is set for the God of War

Astrology of the fall of 2020.

Phase two of 2020 has begun. Mars, the god of war and strife, joined Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter last March, and our lives changed. This fall, Mars is about to meet all three planets again by squaring them. The good news: we now know what we are dealing with. We most likely won't be encountering anything we haven't already dealt with this year. The bad news: this is going to be a tough one. Mars will trigger the same areas of life 3 times this fall due to a retrograde and won't be done until January 2021. We will need all the strength, courage and adaptability we can muster. On a societal level, especially the US will continue to see a complete overhaul of structures from the ground up due to its Pluto return. We are witnessing a dawn of the future in the making. I believe ultimately this future has to do with technological innovations, the likes we can't even envision yet.

What will take place on the stage of Mars this fall? It will depend on each of our individual karmas, and how we choose to respond to outside stimulus. Just know that Mars's energy will insist that all engage and that there will be a lot of pressure for us to react. The stage for the perfect storm is set because we are simply tired and worn out at this point. Mars's energy is impulsive and reactive, so we are easily pulled into potentially quickly explosive situations. But if we try to completely ignore Mars's invitation, it may just turn inwards and cause stress, irritability and illness.

How then can we prepare? First, avoid overreacting. Know that everybody will be under a lot of pressure. It is not be advisable to be the first one reacting. Don't jump on to the stage and start reacting before you know the plot. If you can, sit this one out and watch the performance from the audience. One way to use bent up martian energy is healthy exercise.

Second, pick your battles and be strategic. if you must engage, watch and learn as much as you can before taking part. If you are able to use this pressure cooker energy wisely, with strategic precision, there is no limit how much you can get done. Chaos creates opportunities. Furthermore, responsible societal engagement is, of course, always a good thing. Especially if we stay focused and grounded.

Third, know that relief is coming, but not until the end of the year when a major shift takes place and Saturn and Jupiter switch places and then move on to Aquarius.

Fourth, make self care a priority. Limit media exposure, keep your schedule as light as possible and rest every chance you get.

When first learning the "tree pose", yoga practitioners are advised to pick a point straight ahead and set their gaze on it, in order to stay balanced while making the pose. Instead of engaging in a short term roller coaster of hope and fear (which will only drain our energy), we can choose to set our gaze envisioning our future and already looking onto 2021. Things will start to shift in a major way already by the end of the year. Relief is coming. But not until next year. Stake your ground, watch your impulse control and set your sights to next year. Prepare your mind to withstand pressure, be ready for quickly changing situations and know that this too, shall pass - by the end of the year.

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Artwork by Jenni Pennanen @jennipennanenArt.

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