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Virgo - the Earthly Messenger of Gods

“You are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress, simultaneously.” ~Sophia Bush

The sun is in the sign of Virgo from August 23 to September 22

Have you ever watched someone put a 500 piece puzzle together and then walk away from it right before the last few pieces were put in place? It is maddening to watch something beautiful getting almost finalized, but not quite completed. That is what the world feels like, to a Virgo. 

We all have Virgo somewhere in our chart. It might be an area of life where we are good at organizing and communicating, or when poorly aspected, those same skills might be a challenge. At her best, Virgo sees it all and intuitively understands how it all functions. But the ongoing search for perfection and efficiency should not override joy. Perfection is hardly ever permanent, so to make it an end goal will ultimately not make us happy.

The discerning mind is both the blessing, and the curse of a Virgo. Seeing the potential perfection of everything, but not quite able to enjoy it. Therefore, healthy Virgo's mantra is: "good enough". A Virgo out of balance is a tireless worker who treats her body like it's a machine, because she operates it mostly from her rational mind rather than her heart or body. She puts such heavy emphasis on mental energy that she is surprised and annoyed if she gets sick and her earthly vehicle breaks down.

When in balance, Virgo intuitively understands the importance of humanity's connection to nature. Virgo is traditionally associated with harvest, herbs and gardens. She understands nature's cycles, growth seasons, the qualities and needs of different plants and animals. She understands her body's need for different nutrients during different seasons. Virgo embodies the ancient understanding of cycles and processes. Her ability of discernment has both practical and spiritual applications.

Mercury is the ruler of Virgo, who is a mutable, feminine, earth sign. Mercury, the messenger of Gods, asks Virgo, his feminine representative, guide us in collecting data and then analyze it, so that we can make better, practical decisions and design better processes. But although she appears and acts very practical, her knowledge is deeply intuitive, as it comes from deep of the earth's soil and from the flights of the birds, straight from the gods. She understands the near perfect processes of nature and how they are part of humanity. We all have this innate quality should we choose to look for it. 

When balanced, Virgo is highly skillful, intuitive, graceful and nurturing. She sees everything to its minute detail and understands it all. She knows when to plant, when to harvest and when to rest. She knows how society and its underlying processes should run for the benefit of all. She channels the gods in her ability to see through surface appearances. When out of balance, Virgos become overwhelmed and paralyzed by either too many choices or by the lack of choices. They become critical of themselves and others, irritable and disorganized. Virgo's nervous system is highly sensitive. Too much data and stimulation will overload her delicate abilities. 

Connection to nature is of utmost importance to this Earth Goddess. The beauty and wisdom of nature is where her abilities of discernment really shine. This is where her skills are in their natural habitat and are put to their intended use. A modern Virgo is a highly skilled worker, but quiet nature walks, gardening or simply quiet, scheduled breaks throughout the day are essential for her balance. Virgo's happiness is rooted in balancing the rational and intuitive parts of mind.   

See which house is ruled by Virgo in your astrology chart, and you will gain more understanding on that topic in your life. But regardless of the specific area of life that is affected, "you are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress, simultaneously."

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