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Eclipsing Inauthenticity

From Libra season to Scorpio season of the Dead, via the eclipses.

We have just entered into the most intense part of the year of 2022. The Libra season we are currently in has brought with it an intense scrutiny of relationships of all kinds, that will culminate during the Scorpio solar eclipse on October 25, followed by a lunar eclipse in Scorpio's opposite sign of Taurus on November 8, 2022. Libra season (until October 22) is about relationships, justice, negotiations, diplomacy and everything related to those areas. This includes everything between searching for a relationship, trying to hold on to it, analyzing the relationship to an extreme extent by way of trying to find fairness and balance. And finally, possibly being deceived by a relationship and being disappointed by it. Ultimately and ideally, the Libra dream is to find love, keep it and find oneself, balance and harmony along with it. But surprisingly, Libras are not particularly good with relationships, even if, or possibly because of it, they intensely long for them. Libras' particular challenge is to try to find themselves other than through relationships. The trouble is that they tend to feel lost unless that they see themselves through others’ eyes. Consequently, they are willing to overlook many flaws in others (despite being keenly aware of them) and sometimes pay a great price for it. But let us not forget that we all have Libra in our charts somewhere. If you look at the house of your chart where the sign of Libra resides, you will find that the Libran issues of fairness and balance are expressing themselves somewhere in your chart, one way or another. For example, if Libra rules your second house of self earned money, you may have this type of relationship with your own values and the money you earn. You may be struggling to find a balance of asking to be compensated fairly and valuing your own worth.

The Libra new moon on September 26, followed by the Aries full moon on October 10, heralded the current Libra season into a high gear. Most of us felt an absolute urgency to say things and do things that we felt could no longer be not said or not to be expressed. The Martian energy in Gemini is swift, and will want to act and say quickly. Words might have parted from our lips before we have thought them through. But the things that escaped from our lips that could no longer be kept inside, must have held great tension and power over us, and therefore they contain many valuable lessons. So it could be said that there is a place of this kind of expression, even regardless of the consequences. There certainly may be regret involved in the way it was expressed, but with the acknowledgment that it absolutely needed to be expressed or acted upon.

As the eclipse season draws near, a lot of relationship issues will continue coming to ahead. More specifically, many relationships will end. The center simply cannot hold. Meaning that things that have been brewing underneath will come to the surface from deep within, as is the scorpion way. We will be experiencing the first eclipse on October 25 in the sign of Scorpio and the second eclipse on November 8 in the opposite sign of Taurus. The effect of the eclipses has already begun, as their influence starts two or even three weeks before and will continue to three weeks, even months afterwards. And certainly the time in between eclipses is famously when the veil between us, the living, and the dead, is incredibly thin. It is during this time that we may get messages from our ancestors or people, or animals who have recently passed. It is also during this time that we will be losing people, animals and things close to us, as they move on, or as they transition to the other side. The Libra season brings out relationship issues also with the people we work with, as well as our environment, our communities and networks. Many of us are, once again, reevaluating those relationships. There is an urgent sense that time is short and that we should be spending our time with only the people that truly and honestly support us. Most of us are keenly aware there’s already so much negativity in the air that now it feels as if even a hint of any negativity is simply unacceptable with our intimate contacts. This is what I mean when I say that the center cannot hold. Politeness for appearances sake has its place, and can be necessary in society, but not in close relationships. Try as you may, this Scorpio eclipse season will not allow any kind of superficiality to continue. There is also a great need for rest in the midst of this sense of urgency. But what is this Great Rest? It is a rest from negativity and from constant distraction. As I had mentioned in my previous posts, Mars in Gemini will draw our attention to too many things, many of them negative, and it will absolutely exhaust us. The Mars-Neptune square will further confuse our search for the truth and our ability to make the right decisions. Yet, there’s a great potential to get a lot done if we consciously tune in to these intense energies around us. When we are fully aware that our energy is being pulled into several directions at once, it is good to start the day by making sure that we are focusing only on things that are truly important. But let us realize, that during many days, it is actually simply rest that is the most important thing. And again, this eclipse season reminds us that after two extraordinarily intense years, we simply have no choice but to reevaluate our relationship to others, to ourselves, let go, prune away anything inauthentic, rest, and then start the cycle again. If we don’t allow ourselves to rest and recharge for, and during the upcoming eclipse season and beyond, we will surely get lost in the fog. The word pruning has come up for me a lot lately. As any hairdresser, or gardener can tell you, pruning is an essential part of growth. As counterintuitive as pruning sounds in theory, cutting things actually accelerates growth. And we are here to grow. We are right in the middle of experiencing growing pains as we transition to our next stage of evolution, as individuals and as society. It is not pretty, it is not easy, and it is not without pain. And of course, when we slide from the Libra season to the Scorpio season on October 23, we are confronted by death in many ways, as the nature visibly dies around us, preparing for winter. This time of year has been dedicated in many cultures to the dead for thousands of years, for a reason. These energies can really help us to process, mourn and even celebrate the living and especially the dead, our past relationships, as well the old self we almost don’t recognize anymore. Doesn't it feel almost as if we have died a thousand deaths already during the past two years? To recognize and honor the circle of life and death also reminds and helps us to prepare for our own death one day. Indeed, death is the ultimate act of pruning, when we prune our mortal flesh and leave it behind. Hopefully by then, we have attained a level of authenticity, fulfilled our purpose, done our best, pruned off everything unnecessary, and take with us only Love.

Samhain wishes,


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