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Saturn in Pisces for Different Signs

Saturn entered Pisces on March 7, 2023, for the next 3 years

Astrology for the week of March 13 -19, 2023

The astrology sky for this week tells us that due to the 4 planets in the signs of Pisces it is a good time for all kinds of things related to spiritual, emotional life and your favorite hobbies. But on the other hand, it's not a good time to make big, long-term plans. Especially Neptune in the picture confuses our judgment this week and makes things look either better or worse than they really are. Due to the Mars square, things may feel urgent, but if possible, wait until next week and even until the end of next week to make a big decision. Decision making becomes substantially easier once Mercury leaves Pisces and enters Aries next week.


Saturn in Pisces for each Sign

For the themes for Saturn in Pisces (March 7, 2023 - February 14, 2026), please read my previous blog: Spiritualized - for Real: Saturn in Pisces. Saturn's job is to make us mature, resilient adults. But in Pisces, the way Saturn lessons are delivered, appear a bit more subdued, but over time they are still powerful.

While I also briefly touch upon the Pluto's ingress on March 23, 2023 in this blog as well, I will write a lot more detailed account about it in my upcoming Pluto in Aquarius blog.

Please read both your sun and rising sign for best understanding of some of the different themes the Saturn in Pisces transit may bring out during the next 3 years in general. A personal chart reading will be a lot more detailed and customized because it takes into an account your own natal chart.


ARIES - Saturn will bring out your 12th house of hidden or subconscious matters to the forefront. You may become a bit more introvert, feel called to immerse yourself in spiritual work, or generally withdrawn from the hustle and bustle of the world. Hidden, previously unknown things may become known and require some work. They may take away your energy and demand more of your attention, but they will also reward you in the long run, but no later than 2026. This happens at the same time as Pluto enters your house of friends and networks, which means a gradual but a complete upheaval of your networks. You may have felt for awhile now that you no longer belong to any of the same circles as before, and discover completely new networks you never even knew existed.

TAURUS - Saturn in your 11th house will highlight the house of hopes, dreams, friends and networks for the next 3 years. Changes, delays and conflicts are possible with the kind of people you socialize with. It is also possible that you find and commit to a whole new group of friends or communities that offers you spiritual or matters related to justice or other type of inspiration. This also has to do with Pluto entering your 10th house. Pluto completely revolutionizes your career and your visibility in the world. More on that in my upcoming Pluto in Aquarius blog.

GEMINI - Saturn in your 10th house will highlight career issues and your visibility in the world for the next 3 years. Saturn may end a career path that is no longer serving you, but it may also simply deepen your current choice and bring a new, long term position. Saturn transit is a great time to get serious, step up, and master your career or how people see you in the world. It may not be fast or easy, but ultimately very rewarding. Pluto in your 9th house in the mean time, completely revolutionizes your life philosophy and opens you up to completely new points of view.

CANCER - Saturn will now enter your 9th house of life philosophy, religion, travel, higher education and publishing. It is possible that you will immerse yourself into studying something completely new and expand your mind in unexpected but serious ways. You may even finally publish that creative piece that has been in the works for a long time. Extensive traveling or dealing with foreign people or spiritual figures is also more than likely during the next 3 years. Starting especially from the middle of May onward, you will be receiving very lucky support from your friends and networks. Pluto in your 8th house, on the other hand, draws attention to other people's karmic debts that you owe or that others owe you - any dependencies may now come to an end. More on that in my upcoming Pluto in Aquarius blog.

LEO - Other people's money or debt you owe or owed to you will come into focus at some point in the next 3 years. Saturn in the 8th house will cause delays and frustration, but will also make you finally organize your finances and have to deal with extra responsibilities. On the other hand, things and people that have caused a situation of dependency on either your or their part, will come to an end. It is time to adult up. From the mid May on, however, your career starts to look really good and you will be offered completely surprising, lucky, new career opportunities or your visibility in the world will somehow change. Pluto in your 7th house, revolutionizes your relationships matters once and for all. More on that in my upcoming Pluto in Aquarius blog.

VIRGO - The 7th house matters of committed relationships will come into focus while Saturn transits through the sign of Pisces. Any relationship that was already having difficulties will end. But a relationship that is going well, will deepen and you may even end up making an official commitment. Older or people who you have an age difference with, and are more serious, Saturnine types, will gravitate towards you and you to them. Pluto in your 6th house will revolutionize your attitude towards service and your daily life and routines will change. More on that in my upcoming Pluto in Aquarius blog.

LIBRA - You will find renewed passion and excitement by being of service to other people in some new way. Your daily routines will change in some way. You become more committed to your health. And the more you commit and stick to your new, healthy habits, or immerse yourself into serving others in some new way, the more the likelihood that Saturn will leave you with a gift in 3 years time. And Saturn's gifts are substantial and long lasting. At the same time, Pluto in your 5th house signifies a creative time, but also deepens the area of ​​romance, as well as your relationship with your children. More on that in my upcoming Pluto in Aquarius blog.

SCORPIO - You will breathe a sigh of relief once Saturn leaves you 4th house of home on March 7, 2023. But now Saturn will bring a certain seriousness to your 5th house of romance - either a cooling period or a full commitment. Creativity will now also flourish. You have 3 years to get serious about that hobby that you love - it may just turn lucrative as well. However, Pluto in your 4th house on the other hand, deepens and completes the path already paved by Saturn in your home life. If the big changes in the family and home haven't happened yet, they will now. More on that in my upcoming Pluto in Aquarius blog.

SAGITTARIUS - Saturn moving to the 4th house of your chart means that you will be reassessing the foundations of your life, either metaphorically or physically. Parents or grandparents may be going through challenges that have an impact on you. You maybe becoming more interested in your ancestry. You may be renovating or moving. If you are not planning to move, you will be renovating your home environment, including your surroundings and the people in it. This will start looking up a lot more around mid May this year. Pluto in your 3rd house means changes in your surroundings and also the way you communicate will change radically. More on that in my upcoming Pluto in Aquarius blog.

CAPRICORN - Saturn may have been causing havoc in your personal finances for the past few years, so you will be relieved to know that he is moving on to your 3rd house of communication and siblings. But the main news is still that on March 23, Pluto is about to leave your first house where he has been transforming your very being since 2008. Look back to where have you been and who you have become - it is time to celebrate your accelerated growth. Pluto in your 2nd house will make you reassess your values, but that will be self-evident now that you have survived the upheaval of your identity.

AQUARIUS - Saturn in your 2nd house will bring both challenges and delays to your personal finances, but also a completion of financial matters that may have lingered. You are no stranger to Saturn who rules your sign, but the past few years have still been somewhat unsettling regarding your identity. Now it's time to get of top of your finances. The good news is that Saturn is leaving your first house and you should be feeling a lot more clarity, which is good, because Pluto is about to take Saturn's place and now comes the deep dive into your very soul.

PISCES - Saturn is about to enter your 1st house of identity, body and health. Yes, it may bring some challenges, especially if you were born at night. But Saturn in your first house also give you a chance to get your act together, because Saturn brings mastery. How do you do this? By being more discerning and selective, setting limits to yourself and others, saying no to things that exhaust you or you are doing only to please others. As gentle Pisces, this is not easy for you. But that exactly is why it is time to learn to say "no" a LOT, and master your life once and for all. Simultaneously Pluto in your 12th house, brings out all kinds of subconscious things and memories - they will now see the sunlight and get an opportunity to heal. For this, you need peace and quiet, and you can get that again, by saying "no", a lot.




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