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We have seen a tremendous upraise in interest towards spirituality in general, and finally even the rise of radical conspiracy theories since 2011, when Neptune entered Pisces for the first time. Now Neptune is working all year through the last degrees in Pisces until it changes signs on March 30, 2025.

By now, we are quite over saturated with all things "spiritual". If there is only one thing anybody can agree on, it is that nobody knows which way is up anymore, with so much information coming from every direction. Social media is like a long line of children's game of telephone, where it is impossible to find where the first rumor started. It could have been a hostile nation's intentional social media targeting, an internet bot, or simply a teenager in mom's basement. Nothing to see here, right?

With Pluto in Aquarius and the rise of AI, we are also increasingly asking with every image we see, and every sound we hear, "but is it real"? Pluto (in Aquarius) turns to us and asks: "well, what do you think is real, anyway"? But that is a whole other road that we will be traveling and discovering for the next 20 years, while Pluto examines our Aquarius house.

Conspiracy theories are our way to explain things we can't control. It is so much easier (and very entertaining and distracting) to imagine secret clubs and lizard people working behind the scenes than to face the fact that human life is incredibly vulnerable. A tiny little organism we can't even see, or a random meteor can wipe us out within minutes or months - the thought is quite unbearable.

Yet, the truth is, most governments, organizations or even individuals are simply not organized enough to create a plan, (good or bad), of any kind. (I can't even organize my closet!). It is not that there's no secret organizations or anything seedy ever going on at all - there certainly is. But they are not the ones we think we know about. If they are any good at what they do, we would know nothing about them. Have you ever belonged to a club? Remember how after awhile, the member 3 didn't get along with the member 4 and loyalties were formed one way or another? After a year, trying to keep the club together was like herding cats. Now, imagine a large group of people with many different interests making decisions that affect millions - good luck, especially keeping it secret. Most conspiracies are happening right here, out in the open. When these individuals, (who are taking advantage of old structures collapsing, causing chaos and vulnerability), say who they are and what they will do - believe them. The most stunning thing of all is to witness people to look, but not see what is in front of their eyes. That is the conspiracy - collective delusions, widely distributed. 2025 will indeed be a rough awakening.

Once Saturn arrived in Pisces on March of 2023, we have also seen a lot of accountability, like the downfall of sophisticated cult leaders and online multilevel marketing schemes. Right or wrong, social media has replaced the medieval town square where heads are chopped. In addition, in a very Aquarian fashion, the poorest get to see how the richest live and they are not going to be satisfied with their mediocre lives anymore; they want their own rags to riches story. And what if it doesn't happen? No problem, because everybody now gets their chance to rate products, services and each other, 1 to 5 stars. This is where we can act out and pour out our frustrations like the diva we were born to be! Welcome to the age of egalitarianism, where Aquarius gives everybody a voice. Everybody is a Star. What a wonderful, utopian ideal, right?

It didn't work out quite as planned. With increased communication, ironically in came increased loneliness. With increased "spirituality", in came hysteria about conspiracies, common sense flew out the window and was ironically replaced by superficiality and increased impatience. Spiritual warriors turned into Instagram/TikTok divas who want it all, NOW. Our distraction is a highly valued commodity that will be sold and packaged to us in many, various ways.

In the mean time, those who have done the work, who are sincere, and working for the good of the many, are mostly ignored. Or, quickly labeled, packaged and sold, until the next "thing". But no worries, Saturn in Pisces will slowly but surely separate the real from the fake (for more on this, read my blog: Spiritualized for Real: Saturn in Pisces).




After all that, I am here to offer my workshop! Ta-daa! Oh, the irony. Impostor syndrome, anyone? :-) But this Virgo rising truly wishes to share, inspire and educate.

This workshop is not even nearly as thorough as I would like - I've edited out an enormous amount of information. But as I have now presented it many times, it is still a lot of information for most people. Those expecting easy answers - this is not for you. But, we will absolutely have fun!

When I started out learning about astrology, Tarot and all things spiritual in an intense and serious way, I would have loved to have someone explain to me where is all came from, and how it all relates to each other. I don't know about you, but I felt it would be important to know: what is it exactly that I am studying, and where did it come from? Who came up with it? Why? Am I really the only one asking these questions? It felt like that, for a long time.

I plowed my way through many, many, many books, teachers and courses. Most of them inspiring, or in some way helpful. I have been working on some of these things for 30 years, some 20, some 7 and some 2. I have taken what I think works, and left out what I think doesn't work, and added my own ideas and voice. I don't know everything, but I know enough to give you at least the very broad strokes of Western esoteric wisdom. They don't teach you this in school!

Surprisingly many people don't know (or care) where this information comes from, especially nowadays, when we want all of our information brief, pre-chewed and youtubed. Paradoxically, I didn't appreciate Western esoterisim as much myself, before I took a deep dive to the eastern horizon, and spend a lot of time in Buddhism. It is actually quite wonderful how they support each other. It's incredible to follow the historical steps of the human mind from the opposite sides of the world to find their way to the same place.

I feel that I have kept this 3-hour, interactive workshop short enough to hold our so very distracted minds. Tarot opened up to me truly only when I found out its relation to astrology - it made it so much easier. I have also added the one thing that everybody truly cares about: their own personal card. Yes, we calculate it, but that is not all: we will then see where it lands in the Tarot "map" (inspired and modified from the work of Rachel Pollack), to see where you are in your spiritual development. It's a lot of fun!

We will go through the history of Tarot and astrology briefly, then all the Major Arcana cards and their astrological equivalent. Learn why, (like it or not), RWS is THE deck to rule them all. If you are new to Tarot, learn the Rider-Waite-Smith deck first - here's your chance. If you have been avoiding it, (like I did for years), let me show you how I saw the light. If you are an RWS old timer, let me add to your depth of knowledge by showing how it relates to astrology.




Tarot & Astrology Workshop

Where do Tarot & Astrology originate and where do they meet?

All the Major Arcana cards and astrological equivalents.

Sunday, March 10, 2024, 12 pm - 3 pm EST, via Zoom. (please note the daylight savings change the night before)

$35 per person payable via PayPal, includes a 10-page guidebook

  • Interactive, 3-hour Tarot & Astrology workshop!

  • We will explore the fascinating history of Tarot and Astrology.

  • We will go through all the Major Arcana cards and their connection to astrology.

  • Learn how to find your own, personal Major Arcana card.

  • Discover where you are on your spiritual path according to your card.

  • Receive a Tarot spiritual development map to identify your “current position”.

  • You can ask questions about your personal card.

  • Participants will also receive their own 10-page, printable guidebook.

  • You can participate live or receive the recording later if can’t attend.

Scan the code with the PayPal app or camera to pay $35. Or email me at

Looking forward to seeing you there!




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