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Astrology 2024: The Next Level Begins to Take Shape


Astrology of 2024

On a collective level, the year 2023 was, in many ways, a transitional year. The year 2024 will be a time of action, where hidden pieces of the puzzle come to light, are put into place, and the entire picture finally begins to take shape. However, it's not until the years 2025 and 2026 that we can expect global changes of the same magnitude as those seen in 2020. There is still time to prepare for and anticipate the upcoming shifts.

I started this blog in the summer of 2019, a time when most astrologers agreed that 2020 would bring significant and visible changes to humanity—and indeed, it did. The year 2020 had been discussed for years, with astrologers impossible to ignore the dramatic alignment of planets in the sign of Capricorn. Then we witnessed how it actually manifested: the COVID-19 pandemic brought the entire world to a standstill. While we had experienced infectious diseases before, never in human history had we witnessed such a collective pause as in 2020. The images and real-time videos made a deep, lasting impression on our subconscious. Despite the situation, with technology we were able still to maintain communication on a massive, collective scale for the first time. That's not all; established power structures, governments, and even nations went through and continue to undergo significant upheaval. The use of power and the balance between individual rights and the common good remain ongoing points of conflict and discussion. I believe that we may not fully understand the symbolism of the year 2020 until many, perhaps tens of, years later.

2024: Prelude to 2025

2024 cannot be labeled as a transitional year because significant events are already unfolding, although not everyone may fully comprehend their implications. The next year of profound changes is expected in 2025 and 2026.

Astrologically speaking, Pluto moves into the sign of Aquarius on January 21, 2024, until September, and then it returns to Capricorn for 10 weeks in September and October before finally transitioning into Aquarius on November 19, 2024, for the next 20 years. Both Neptune and Uranus conclude their cycles in 2024 and move into the next sign in 2025. Saturn and Neptune meet in the sign of Aries in 2025, and Uranus shifts into Gemini.

What does this mean? 2024 serves as a bookmark, marking the end of many eras, projects, relationships, and heralding a definitive entry into a new, wondrous world that is already beginning this year but will truly gain momentum in 2025. It signifies a completely new era, characterized by intense challenges, global conflicts, and groundbreaking technological innovations. When Pluto completes its cycle in Aquarius 20 years from now, we may barely recognize our world.

Astrology is based on cycles, and by examining past transits similar to those humanity or individuals are going through, we can predict what might happen.

Uranus in Gemini (coming up in 2025-2032) historically corresponds to significant societal changes, especially for the United States. The Revolutionary War, the Civil War, and involvement in World War II all occurred when Uranus was in Gemini. Based on this, it's likely that the U.S. will undergo similar upheavals, with the first signs appearing by the end of 2024.

Saturn in Pisces (ongoing until 2025) may indicate world-wide water-related issues, such as floods, ice, and/or accidents related to water. On a spiritual level, it signifies a slow awakening from illusions, with fanatic beliefs and the popularity of religions eventually going beyond comprehension and then diminishing as people no longer know what to believe in. More information on this can be found in my previous blogs: Spiritualized - for Real: Saturn in Pisces and Saturn in Pisces for Different Signs.

Jupiter conjunct Uranus on April 21, 2024, is typically a fortunate transit, indicating for example, technological innovations that revolutionize daily life.

Jupiter square Saturn transit. Partial optimism that starts in April and May clashes with Saturn's reality in June 2024. This could mean that economic growth, initially appearing hopeful, may slow down. Optimistic inventions made in April-May, for instance, may not work as expected in practice or may have unpredictable side effects.

2024: The Year of Pluto

Pluto's transition into Aquarius from January 21 to September 2, 2024, spending it very last 10 weeks for 240 years in Capricorn from September to October, before settling into Aquarius for the next 20 years on November 19, 2024.

Pluto represents transformation, power, wealth, trauma, fear, obsession, and, above all, permanent change. Pluto has the ability to turn "make small things big and big things small" (the late astrologer Alan White). The atomic bomb was invented around the time of Pluto's discovery in the 1930s. Pluto also unearths all the old issues that have not been dealt with. It's not always a pleasant process, but sometimes Pluto also uncovers gold, both figuratively and physically. Indeed, Pluto does appear prominently in the charts of extremely rich people. They see opportunities in transformation other don't see.

Aquarius, on the other hand, symbolizes humanity, groups, technology, and the future in general. The intensification and expansion of artificial intelligence and the division into small, virtual, and physical "tribes" based on ideologies worldwide will continue to grow.

Pluto symbolizes both permanent change and the exercise of power. Ordinary people will demand power for themselves in line with Aquarian thinking. For instance, both the French Revolution and The American Revolutionary War occurred when Pluto was last in Aquarius over 240 years ago.

This, of course, is not to the liking of those entrenched in power, and they won't relinquish it willingly. Power also brings the heavy weight of responsibility. For example, dissolving a government inevitably leads to the need to organize society in some way—ultimately forming some new government. We no longer live in a world where we can live in the woods with our community isolated from the rest of the world. Cooperation is no longer optional but a prerequisite for survival. Pluto brings about permanent change, and adaptation to it is inevitable in one way or another.

For more information on Pluto in general and Pluto in Aquarius for each sign, you can refer to my previous blogs: "The Weird, Wild World of Pluto in Aquarius" and "Pluto in Aquarius for Each Sign."

We survived 2020, and we will survive this as well. In many ways, we are living in a true turning point in history, ecologically, economically, and in terms of the direction of artificial intelligence. It's challenging to see real, significant changes and their direction when living amid them. Astrology can help us because history repeats itself cyclically. Technology advances, but human minds follow very slowly. We are in an era where artificial intelligence has started to surpass human intelligence. It will undoubtedly lead to significant advancements both positively (medicine and transportation) and negatively (abuse of power and information censorship). Rethinking what a state is or how we will survive climate change requires internal and external changes faster than we may be ready to accept. Human ingenuity and resilience, however, are remarkable, and there is every reason to be hopeful.

Year 2024 on a Personal Level

On an individual level, changes may not be as dramatic, and they may not affect everyone. Nevertheless, societal changes will, to some extent, impact almost everyone. It's better to be very flexible in long-term planning and be prepared for sudden changes. A certain level of certainty provided by society was left behind permanently in 2020, and a new, exciting but uncertain era—one that is constantly and rapidly evolving, where old rules no longer apply—has already truly begun, and there is no turning back.

The year 2024 will be intense. January is the best time to get things in order, initiate new beginnings, and clear away old matters. February still allows for some time, but March and April bring solar and lunar eclipses (in Libra and Aries), along with unpredictability and chaos. The same eclipse pattern repeats in September and October.

Mars Retrogrades in Leo and Cancer at the End of the Year

Mars retrograding in the signs of Leo and Cancer from December 7, 2024, to February 23, 2025, makes December somewhat challenging. Therefore, it's advisable to plan all Christmas-related activities well in advance and be prepared for potential changes. Matters related to family and home, especially those that occurred in October and November 2024, will resurface from December 2024 to February 2025.

In conclusion

As mentioned above, the year 2024 is, in many ways, Pluto's year, but exactly how everything will start to unfold will only start to surface in 2025. At some point, humanity will realize unequivocally that cooperation between states is no longer just an ideal but an absolute necessity. Pluto's transformation is usually not easy, but it is necessary. Ultimately it has brought a better, stronger, brighter society and world. But getting to that place demands absolute honesty and bravery.




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