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Stirred Up and Fluid Introspection

Saturn retrogrades May 23 - Oct 11. Full moon eclipse in Sagittarius on May 26. Solar eclipse in Gemini on June 10. Mercury retrograde May 30 to June 23.

For the next 3 weeks we will be feeling quite emotional and stirred up. Eclipses will be ending things, starting new things and revealing things abruptly. Things and beliefs that are no longer working will fall away, and we get a whole new perspective on our lives. At the same time, both Saturn and Mercury are retrograding, adding to the confusion, and bringing delays, but also allowing introspection and life review. Meanwhile, Jupiter in Pisces continues to expand our inner explorations. None of this may feel exactly comfortable - but slowly exploring our new inner vision with Jupiter's guidance, he will eventually lead us to a much brighter future next year. Fake it until you make it, if you must.

Saturn has turned retrograde, May 23 until October 11. Saturn's lessons become less hard during retrograde and he becomes more introspective and reflective. There will be less restrictions and less rules to follow. We get a chance to reflect the hard lessons of 2020 that still continue, as well as process our individual and collective trauma.

Jupiter's transit in Pisces continues to encourage further inner explorations and finding a new, inspiring inner vision until July 29, when it brings back what it has gathered in ever expanding and border-less Pisces, to the sign of Aquarius for Saturn to inspect. Mercury also retrogrades from May 30 to June 23, further adding to our introspective mood, adding possibly more confusion, but also creating serendipitous delays. All this introspection is quite subtle and requires a lot of patience. Jupiter in Pisces is about finding inspiration, not necessarily by means of clear cut, black and white answers, but by fluid exploration of life meaning and purpose.

Last, by certainly not least, the full moon (lunar) eclipse in the sign of Sagittarius on Wednesday, May 26 can already be felt forming. Traditionally eclipses are considered unfavorable, because they block either the sun, symbolizing our spirit and our vitality. Or the moon, symbolizing our physical and emotional body. But when used well and with full awareness, these energies can be clarifying and purifying. They let out stale air and create space for new things to come in.

The lunar eclipse in Sagittarius on May 26, is about endings. This is followed by the solar eclipse in the sign of Gemini on June 10th. Solar eclipses can create dramatic, new beginnings. Our instinct is usually to resist change. But resistance is futile and unnecessary. Instead of fighting these energies and trying to hold on, it is much better to work with them consciously, symbolically open the window and let the stale air out. Think of beliefs, people, situations or things that no longer serve you. Especially during the solar eclipse, you could even be starting a whole new chapter in life, like making a relationship commitment or starting a new job. You are now leaving your old you, or your old life, behind you. You can make the eclipses work for you by voluntarily letting go things that no longer serve, and on the other hand, taking advantage of opportunities that are suddenly handed to you. But the eclipse energies can be abrupt and unpredictable - so be sure to ask that what ever needs to go, leaves in a healthy, peaceful, balanced way, like throwing out a comfortable, old sweater that has served its purpose, but is simply too worn out by now. Say thank you and good bye.

In summary: despite emotional storms and confusion, try not to say, or react too much before you actually know what is happening - which may not be for awhile. We will experience endings and letting go of old ideas on May 26. We will then start a new chapter on June 10. Take time to process and reflect, in search of a new vision and new understanding this summer. But allow your new insights slowly brew and stay flexible. Let big picture visions inspire you, instead of demanding clear, detailed answers - those will come later.



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