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The Perfect Vision of 2020

We were blind but now we see. Astrologers had seen the current changes coming the winter of 2020 and had been talking about them for at least 20 years. (See my article “The Battle Between Old Structures vs. the Heart of the Sunrise Intensifies” from July 2019). It wasn’t clear exactly how these powerful, once in a lifetime changes would manifest. Now we know. Now we know how important it is to live our true lives at all times. Because when the music stops during the musical chairs game, we don’t get to choose our place anymore. Where ever we sit, or stand, there we are, for a long time. All of a sudden, everything was revealed to us. Our planet is showing what it actually looks like and is in fact much better without us. Our personal lives are also shown to us, for better and for worse. 2020 is the year of perfect vision. We are seeing it all, naked, as is, for better and for worse. It is important to acknowledge what we have been through so far. We have all been affected collectively, and also personally. Below I track the Saturn-Pluto conjunction (that was activated by Mars and Jupiter) that started it all, through each sign. Check your sun, rising and moon signs. We are as complex as our astrological birth charts, so the impressions below are just scratching the surface of our individual charts. For personal readings, go to my astrology services at Aries. (March 21 – April 19) You are the one sign that on one some level was not taken by surprise of the big changes we have encountered at all. You had felt these changes coming for a long time. You can’t explain it either, because you are not the most intuitive of the signs. You are a sign of action, not contemplation. But perhaps because of that, you felt the earth rattling long before anybody else did. Usually you are much too busy to notice subtleties, but you heard this one coming, even in the deafening noise of the world. You just couldn’t put your finger on what it was. The Saturn-Pluto conjunction happened in your 10th house of career and public life. You had built your life the hard way, you fought tooth and nail for every scrap, rolled with the seemingly unending waves of changes. But then, once you finally got where you wanted, you knew something wasn’t quite right. Now you know. It is really a big relief, because at least now you know the form it took. Something about it is quite refreshing. Secretly, something in you actually wanted it all to fall apart. And now it has, and since you are always up for a challenge, it’s on! You get to rebuild it, and this time, by your rules only. Let the games begin, for you have been ready for this, all of your life.

Taurus. (April 20 – May 20) The Saturn-Pluto conjunction happened in your 9th house of travel, religion, higher education and all things foreign and mind expanding. Well, your mind expanded alright. What you encountered were astonishing surprises by the people around you, and discovered things about yourself that were not exactly comfortable. People that you knew had changed, or perhaps they were not that way to begin with? Things got really wild, when Uranus, the Great Awakener, entered your sign in the spring of 2019, slowly starting to shake up your very identity. The philosophy of life that you have held on for so long, started to warp and change. You dislike change more than any other sign. It was not comfortable for you to admit that you can no longer hold on to the same, old beliefs. It was a combination of old relationships leaving, your world collapsing on some level, and you wanting answers from the universe because the old answers didn’t seem to hold water anymore. Authenticity is everything to you now. Uranus in your 1st house indicates the urgency to find those answers - from a higher authority perhaps? The Great Pause is hopefully giving you the chance to ask the really big questions and explore the answers slowly, rather than jump into the first thing to come along to make you feel comfortable. Gemini. (May 21 – June 20) The Saturn-Pluto conjunction happened in your 8th house of death, debts to and from others, and rebirth. So, you went straight to the matter at hand. Do or die. Facing your own and others’ mortality has been extremely tough. You had to step up in a way you have never done before. You are more of a thinker, rather than a doer, so dealing with something so concrete, and something you can’t analyze away is not comfortable to say the least. Your usual tricks didn't work anymore. For once, you were speechless, at first. It was scary and quite awkward, really. But once you got used to the situation, you started seeing opportunities. Not only glimmers of hope of how to solve the situation, but you also saw something even more important: you saw the preciousness of every moment. Your heart softened and you found the right words for family and friends who had never really seen this side of you. You typically appear to others a bit self-absorbed, but that’s only because you have so many thoughts in your head and you see so many sides of all the stories. But now somehow, you are able to see other people completely new, or really see them, as the beautiful beings they (and you) are.

Cancer. (June 21 – July 22) Maybe it was your spouse, lover, business partner, competitor or even a good old fashion enemy. Somewhere around 2019 or possibly even earlier, something happened to them. It’s like they suddenly went completely out of their minds, and then even another level of crazy, if that were even possible. The Saturn-Pluto conjunction happened in your 7th house of the other. All bets were off. The rules of conduct were thrown out the window. They kept you preoccupied and obsessed because they kept coming from every angle at different times. And you were left wondering, why me, and why now? It is not really up to you to solve that puzzle. Buddha said, “if somebody gives you a gift, and you don’t accept it, who does the gift belong to?” To the giver of that “gift”. You might not have the choice of being affected by the other person, but you do have a choice how to respond, or if possible, not to participate in their madness at all. If you still really want to know why, here it is: it was old karma. But on some level, you already knew that. And you also know that this experience revealed to you the deepest, most vulnerable corners of your very being. You honestly thought you had already dealt with all of this, and here it is again. But on closer examination, it has a different flavor. Something much deeper. So much more than mere survival. And look where you are now - in a completely different place than the last time, with so much to be grateful for. Your soul needed this, and you are starting to see it. Next time, you will not be taken by surprise - because now you know who you really are. Leo. (July 23 – August 22) The Saturn-Pluto conjunction happened in your 6th house of daily work and well being. You were not happy to be disturbed. At first the changes seemed so small, rather a nuisance, for you to even pay attention. Workplace, daily living, co-workers or pet care became a real issue at some point in 2019 because they just kept on piling up. Little by little, the issues just kept growing and growing. You just couldn’t put a lid on them no matter how you tried. They kept popping up in new places, like a mole in the hole. You had to run around with no help from anybody. And not only were your daily grind not noticed, they were was not appreciated either - nobody cared about your complaints! You were pulling your hair out at some point. Hopefully you didn’t become sick from all that stress. Or hopefully you didn’t have to deal with anything chronic. The great pause of 2020 was actually a relief because it hopefully put a stop at least to the kind of daily grind you were used to and you have been able to take care of yourself. If not, you should get a some kind of relief this summer and hopefully feel a lot better by the end of the year. You have a kingdom to run, after all. Virgo. (August 23 – September 22) What they don’t know about you, is that you can let your hair down, and party just like everyone else. Most of the time you just choose not to, because you are busy doing many important things. During 2019 you started to feel the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in your 5th house of enjoyment and creativity. Slowly but surely, you’ve had to completely reassess what it means to have fun. This wasn’t a change you felt overnight. It’s just that now you understand what these changes were for. By now, the finest of wines tastes sour, your bedroom is cold, and the music you used to enjoy sounds superficial. What you used to consider as excellence, what you used to spend your time refining, dissecting and cultivating to perfection, - well, it just doesn’t do it anymore. Instead, there is an eternal fire burning inside of you, and it’s name is Creation. It’s was a bit confusing at first. Then you realized that it can’t be accessed in the realm of the rational. You now realize that you have been purified by the Fire of Creation to prepare and withstand the ultimate test of our lifetimes. Your palette has been thoroughly cleansed. You feel raw, wild, and slightly bewildered. Now you know what all those geniuses feel like - right before creating the ultimate masterpiece. Libra. (September 23 – October 22) Now you know what it’s like when the rug is pulled from under your feet. You were standing, and the next thing you knew, you weren’t. The Saturn-Pluto conjunction happened in your 4th house of home and ancestors. Your very foundations, your sense of security and your family, just got completely rattled. On some level you had even prepared yourself - you really thought you were ready for something like this. You are used to drama. But you just didn’t see THIS coming, not like this, not now. But it did happen. But you are still here. And you did survive. Your job now is just to breath. Literally, just one breath at a time. Later, much later, you will start to get mad. It is not like you to get mad, and certainly not to show it. But this level of self-scrutiny has gotten you a bit unhinged and un-Venus like. You are starting to sense that accessing your anger is the key. You have secretly started to circulate and cultivate your anger like it’s a precious, holy site. And Holy anger it is. It is your ancestors speaking through you - they “echo in the hallways of your heart”. You are not just speaking for yourself, but also for the ones this crises discarded like trash, and for the animals and the planet showing us how much we have mistreated the earth. Beauty, harmony and justice are in your jurisdiction, but just because you like harmony, doesn’t mean you never get mad. They have messed with the Holy Divine Feminine for far too long, and they have no idea what’s coming. You are just getting started. Thank you Libra, we need your precious heart to take up the cause for us all.

Scorpio. (October 23 – November 21) Somebody or something messed with your mind real good. It happened right in your backyard, so to speak. And that is just unacceptable. Of course they never knew that any of it got to you - you are not in the habit of sharing, well, anything really. Certainly not your deepest thoughts and fears. The Saturn-Pluto conjunction happened in your 3rd house of communication and mind, but you might have felt it long before the culmination, back in 2019 up until this winter. You are the master of mind games, so it was a bit of a surprise that they got under your skin so much. But it made you reach to your north node, to your mind-expansiveness house. And maybe because you flexed your mind, a few stunning opportunities were offered to you. The more you dreamed of far away places or new learning opportunities and challenges, the less those small minded, envious people continued to bother you. The current Great Pause put a damper on some opportunities that you were looking forward to exploring, but on the other hand, it came as a relief because it also put a damper on the madness and let you reassess. You can now examine how far you have come, and realize that you have learnt a great deal about yourself and how to handle yourself. By dusting off the nay sayers! You already knew that you can withstand a great deal, but you are on a whole new level now. You saw the power of mind at work. Real strength is not rigid, but true power lies in the ability to stay flexible and adaptable, like a ninja warrior moving silently at night.

Sagittarius. (November 22 – December 21) You thought you knew your value. You worked long and hard to get where you are. You worked diligently on being honest about what gives real meaning to life and especially, what you are worth. You built an empire out of inspiration. You even shared it with others, because you felt they needed to hear your pearls of wisdom. Then the Saturn-Pluto conjunction happened in your 2nd house of values. At some point between October 2019 and March 2020, everything you knew changed overnight, and you discovered a whole new level of realness. You always believed that you are like Pegasus, flying over the mere mortals with their little concerns. Your job here was to uplift them and show them how we can reach the next level. But then you were almost literally shut down to the cold, cold ground. You were never really the one to be slowed down with every little detail - and admittedly, you did miss this one small detail, that actually turned out to be as huge as a mountain. You came face to face with your very existence. Many things that you thought were of value, are no more. You have been humbled. Noted. But this Pegasus always gets up, dusts itself off and up to the sky again. You know now what you have to do. You are the embodiment of the human spirit that soars humanity on his wings right next to the gods, no matter what. It is you, who will literally save the world. Capricorn. (December 22 – January 19) Well, there is really nowhere to go but up from here. The Saturn-Pluto conjunction happened in your 1st house of the self identity. To call 2018, 2019 and up until now, a time of complete overhaul, would be an understatement. You have been to the underworld and back. You have seen the gates of Hades. But there is some light starting to shine through the rubble of those old ruins that you used to call “me”. It is unclear at this point what are the final ramifications of your complete self renovation. All you know, is that you never, ever, ever want too go through that again. But deep in your heart you know that on some level, it was good for you. You just kept on climbing, like the sea goat that you are. We are not there yet, but what’s a few more steps after that journey? Please. What the others call a rough year, you call just another Tuesday now. Nobody knows the trouble you’ve seen. Get ready to hoist your flag on the highest of the mountains; self knowledge. After what you have been through, nothing, literally nothing, can stop you. Aquarius. (January 20 – February 18) You are not afraid of hard work. 2019 brought you some great opportunities. But with each liftoff, just as you thought you were going places, you were brought back down. It is as if somebody worked against you behind your back. Or there was a conspiracy against you. Or was it your self confidence? Or little bit of all of the above? The Pluto Saturn conjunction happened in your 12th house of secrets and self undoing. The good news is, Uranus, the Great Awakener, is starting to take affect in your 4th house of home and ancestors. You tried to go out in the world and show your stuff, but looks like the world is coming to you instead. The lightning is striking your genius mind, right in your home turf. It will be something unique, stunning and unexpected, with long term results. You will see a few glimpses of it this year, but that’s just a preview of 2021 when you will take the center stage. The world is ready to see the Age of Aquarius officially to start by the end of the year. Pisces. (February 19 – March 20) You were ready to take the heat for coming out as you, simply just by speaking the truth of what you had learned. You went through a lot and sacrificed a lot. You did everything right. You even found like minded people, and you just knew you were on the right path. You were honest and you didn’t want to bother or hurt anyone - but you just didn’t have a choice in the end. You had to go after your dreams and that’s that. But nothing prepared you for this. The Saturn-Pluto conjunction happened in your 11th house of friends and groups. Sure, some groups embraced you and you found new friends. But some, possibly even members of your own family, rejected you downright viciously. What is difficult for you to understand that not everybody is interested in the truth. In fact, you can can be surprisingly insistent and unrelenting when you think you are right. As an empathetic, optimistic dreamer you thought everybody wanted this too. But even if they rejected you, you can still see right through to their precious hearts. You love them, even if they don’t love themselves, or you. But you know what you know, and there is no going back now.

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