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Exploring the Deep End

Pisces New Moon on February 20, 2023.

The current state of the world, including several disasters is partly due to both Saturn and Pluto approaching the finish line of their respective stay in the signs of Aquarius and Capricorn. When planets are about to change signs, they tend to make themselves known. March is by far the most dramatic month of the year 2023. Saturn enters Pisces, Mars is finally done its 7 month stay in Gemini and moves on to Cancer, Mercury changes signs twice, Venus once and Pluto starts his transit into Aquarius. We are right on the verge of stepping into the wired and new, while still washing and drying the dishes of the old. More on these changes in the upcoming blogs.

Pisces New Moon

The New Moon on February 20th at 2:05am EST in the sign of Pisces is a pretty dreamy one, especially because Venus and Neptune still also conjoined in the same sign. There is also a wonderful, healing aspect to this particular new moon due to the fixed star Fomalhaut. In addition, Jupiter, the ruling planet of this new moon is also close to Chiron, the wounded healer. There is definitely a feeling of forgiveness, healing, dreaming a new dream and starting anew.

But since Jupiter is currently in Aries, we get a lot more courage, spontaneity, enthusiasm and vital energy than a typical Pisces new moon. Saturn is also soon about to enter Pisces (on March 7), so there is a possibility of making dreams actual reality. Dreams combined with lots of energy and willing to work hard for it seems like a winning combination!

But the Moon will square Mars and Venus will leave Pisces the next day, so there is a possibility of an immediate, but brief setback. But that shouldn't stop us from going fully forward with this new moon - it definitely has "let's make this plan a reality"-quality to it.

Virgo Full Moon on March 7th

As mentioned above, Saturn will ingress into Pisces on March 7th, on the day of the Virgo full moon, which will even further emphasize a dramatic change of mood. (Mercury has also also entered Pisces on March 3rd). But at first I believe we will feel a big sense of relief, if also a bit of confusion. Our previously firm stances on issues may suddenly start to dissolve and soften. But it is then followed by general confusion as to our direction, which should become a bit more clear in a short term by the Aries New Moon on March 21st. I will be examining Saturn in Pisces in a separate post.

The Pisces Tarot Card: The Moon

The Moon card symbolizes the sign of Pisces which is a nocturnal, feminine, mutable, water sign. It depicts the mysterious, dreamy side of Pisces: intuitive, imaginative, psychic, magical and creative. To try to describe Pisces is like trying to catch a fish with oily hands. Maybe it is not meant to be caught and understood with our logical mind at all, but perhaps we are supposed to let the mystery unveil itself only in our dreams at night.

Yet, Jupiter, the God of Wisdom, rules Pisces. Perhaps on the other side of wisdom lies psychic madness? The curious animals in this card (lobster, wolf and a dog) depict our primordial, animalistic side. The shadow side of this card is instability, illusion and deception.

'Peace, be still; and it may be that there shall come a calm upon the animal nature, while the abyss beneath shall cease from giving up a form.' - Waite, A. E.

New Moon in Pisces for Different Signs

Please read both your sun and rising sign for best understanding how the Pisces new moon may affect you. (An personal chart reading will be a lot more detailed and customized because it takes into an account your own natal chart.)

Aries - Hidden, previously unknown things may come to light publicly or simply into your own awareness.

Taurus - The Pisces new moon in your house of hopes, dreams, friends and networks will inspire new connections and new dreams.

Gemini - The Pisces new moon will inspire and restart your career, or part of your life that is visible to the world. Definitely a time to dare - less thinking and talking, more doing!

Cancer - The Pisces new moon your house of life philosophy will absolutely inspire you to dream a new dream. Dealings with foreign people or lands will now demand attention.

Leo - The Pisces new moon in the 8th house will inspire you organize your own, or partners finances. It's about time.

Virgo - The Pisces new moon in the house relationship will inspire and excite - it is a chance to start a new. Ignore the initial stumbling blocks and believe in the impossible.

Libra - The Pisces new moon in your house of service, daily routines and health will inspire you to start new healthy habits or join a spiritually oriented studies in order to be of service to others.

Scorpio - The Pisces new moon in your house of romance, creativity and children is truly inspiring. You will feel those creative juices finally running again and feel revitalized.

Sagittarius - The Pisces new moon in the house of your home may mean finding a new home, or at least starting to think about a new place to live or renovate.

Capricorn - The Pisces new moon in the house of communication and siblings may mean dreamy new ideas or breakthroughs when dealing with previously difficult relationship with siblings. A great time to start a new blog, podcast or YouTube channel as well.

Aquarius - The Pisces new moon may bring mostly welcome news about finances. Things may look very hopeful at first, and then hit a few rough patches, but they will soon clear. You are finally getting come hopeful clarity into a few long lingering financial matters.

Pisces - The Pisces new moon in your house of identity, body and health is always a time of celebration because it is your birthday month! This is a sweet, healing new moon, that will feel good, even if knowing that Saturn is about to enter your sign for the next 3 years, which means that it is time to make those Piscean dreams a reality.





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