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New Beginnings: Scorpio New Moon for Each Sign

New Moon in Scorpio on November 13, 2023 at 4:27am EST

New, Honest Beginnings

We have landed on the ground after an intense eclipse season. The emotions, surprises, and chaos have been immense, and the conflicts even bigger. Eclipse times are typically heavy and confusing, but now at least we know where we stand, compared to October when it felt like we were wandering blindly in unfamiliar terrain.

Now, many may feel like they have a kind of eclipse-induced hangover. It feels as if we've been at a very lousy party, where everything possible that could go wrong, went wrong and where we ended up drinking too much on top of everything else. The good new is that things can only go up from here.

Intensity will continue in November, but at least the things it brings are no longer surprises. We can already guess what it's about, both on a personal and societal level. Our minds are clear now, and our direction is unusually straightforward. Perhaps even too straightforward. Because now we may have chosen our own side and convictions, regardless of the consequences.

The New Moon in Scorpio on Monday, November 13, 2023 at 4:27am EST will live up to its reputation, meaning it will get straight to the point, with full conviction. This is no ordinary new moon, as the planet Mars, which symbolizes our desires and ability to act, is the main actor of this New Moon, and its powerful, action-oriented energy is baked into this New Moon. However, Mars' opposition to Uranus indicates resistance and, on the other hand, a clever but powerful breakthrough. In personal life, this may very well symbolize a new understanding of how we should act. We may actually be quite sure of our convictions, but despite our restlessness, we cannot act just yet. During Scorpio season, we realize that it's a good time to make strategic plans instead of the headless rush we may have seen or experienced during the eclipses. Symbolically, Mars is reborn on November 18th when it meets the Sun and begins a new two-year cycle. This is not easy, especially for either very egotistical or otherwise mainly action-oriented people, because during this time they have to make compromises. However, in the long run, it will be for their own good. Our ability to fully act will return only January 20, 2024.

Things may feel momentarily good on November 8th when Venus, which symbolizes our desire for balance, justice, and harmony, enters Libra, its home sign. It's also worth mentioning November 15th, which is an auspicious time for all kinds of negotiations and agreements. Towards the end of the month, efforts to find consensus may once again be overshadowed by conflicts.

Astrologers have speculated for thousands of years whether celestial bodies cause us to behave in a certain way, or if they symbolize how we are going to behave regardless. In ancient Mesopotamia, the movements in the sky were understood as the gods' writing to us on earth, so that we could prepare for the future. On the other hand, everyone working in healthcare knows as a fact that emergency rooms fill up with patients during the full moon more than any other time. A third option is that celestial bodies both influence and predict – meaning, that we may experience both old karma and create new karma simultaneously. However, the latter is entirely up to us. We have 100% control over how we react to things.

We can try to become as aware as possible of our own behavior and convictions. We don't have to go along with turbulent emotions. On the other hand, the flow of karma is extremely powerful and its power should not be underestimated. However, we can all be responsible for turning down our own volume on drama as much as possible.

The Full Moon on November 27, 2023 in Gemini promises more than one opportunity for cooling down tensions. The conflicts of opposites may have subsided enough for us to be more open to thinking from a new perspective, or at least seeing multiple options. However, astrology tells us in the form of Neptune's influence, that some of these options are built on fanatic or alternatively, overly optimistic visions. Nevertheless, we have now passed the second most dramatic point of the year (the first was in March-April), so as mentioned before, we can only go up from here.


Please read both your sun and rising signs (based on your birth time) if you know it.

ARIES - The New Moon in Scorpio in the 8th house. You may experience some conflict or ambiguity about what is your responsibility vs. the other party's part in it. It may concern what you owe to other people or what they owe to you, either materially or karmically. Old things that brought a sense of security no longer work - it may be time to take courage and wise up. It's time for a breakthrough in your thinking.

TAURUS - The New Moon in Scorpio in the 7th house, the house of relationships, indicates that your understanding of yourself in relation to others starts anew or changes in some, more honest way. The New Moon offers an opportunity to think about relationships from a new perspective. Generally, you don't like changes, even good ones, but this change seems somehow liberating. The change can happen, for example, to your partner, which in turn somehow eases your life. It should at least simplify your life, and you are always ready for that.

GEMINI - The New Moon in Scorpio takes place in your 6th house, the house of service, work, and health. The eclipses are finally moving away from the 6th-12th house axis, which has not been easy for you for the last year and a half. You have had to experience, sacrifice, or witness possibly difficult things both in your personal life and in your work life. But the New Moon in Scorpio initiates a new period, especially in the area of work, which will gradually spread to your whole identity and bring happiness and abundance in the long run, at the latest by next May when Jupiter enters your identity house.

CANCER - The New Moon in Scorpio takes place in the 5th house, the house of romance, children, and creativity. The New Moon in Scorpio initiates a new creative period and brings you in touch with completely new network of people and experiences. However, this process is not as quick and easy as you imagined in the midst of your initial enthusiasm. It makes you hesitate whether this is your thing or not. Whatever the reality may be, you will be introduced to completely new people and things that you couldn't have imagined even in your wildest dreams just a couple of years ago. Move forward with courage.

LEO - The New Moon in Scorpio takes place in the 4th house, the home and family environment, including parents and ancestors. There have been revolutionary changes in your environment regarding your home and personal life (or your parents), and at the same time, your role in your career or public position has somehow changed. This has been visible to everyone. However, these are not new things, but somehow you already knew they were coming for at least a year. When Jupiter arrives in May in your house of dreams and aspirations, it will confirm that you made the right choice, and you can smile like the winner that you are, once again.

VIRGO - The New Moon in Scorpio in the 3rd house, which is the house of communication, also concerns things related to siblings and your neighborhood. You are ready to expand your everyday environment and thinking either by traveling or at least on a philosophical level. The New Moon in Scorpio brings you restlessness and the courage to try something completely new, which will greatly refresh and uplift your life. The changes start from small, everyday things, but eventually lead to a dramatic, new, and liberating life philosophy that will become visible in practical ways, starting next May.

LIBRA - The New Moon in Scorpio in the 2nd house indicates a transformation in your values, especially regarding money. Venus entering your identity house on November 8th also suggests that you may unexpectedly receive things you have wanted for a long time, as according to your Libra scale, you feel that the world clearly owes you one. This is a positive change, but remember the old saying: be careful what you wish for, as you might just get it. The price of happiness is to commit to karmic arrangements and debts that are much more complex than they initially appear.

SCORPIO - The New Moon in Scorpio in the 1st house, which represents your identity and body, signals a fresh start in relation to your body. Whether due to stress or illness, you have wanted or have been forced to develop or at least try completely new routines. These new routines have been followed by a mental transformation. You are braver, more resilient, and more beautiful both inside and out. You are truly undergoing a transformation from a caterpillar to a butterfly. But you are not yet completely ready to show the world your new self. That time will come, likely by May.

SAGITTARIUS - The New Moon in Scorpio in the 12th house, representing hidden or unconscious matters, can bring forth things from your subconscious or hidden on a physical level that you thought you had already dealt with. The New Moon in Scorpio will make you hold on even more stubbornly to your famous optimism, despite the series of setbacks that have kept coming. At times, it may seem like the dark tunnel will never end, but day by day, step by step, you will start to see a small glimmer of light in the distance. Your day will come, have no doubt, and it will taste particularly sweet because you know that you have earned it with every fiber of your being. By May, the glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel will have turned into a clear path towards the light.

CAPRICORN - The New Moon in Scorpio occurs in the 11th house, which represents hopes, dreams, friends, groups, and networks. The New Moon in Scorpio will help you realize that your old dreams no longer serve or benefit you. You are ready to grasp a new dream that brings you genuine, honest joy and happiness by trying out new things. You will find joy by recalling your playful, childhood imagination. After many heavy years, you deserve barrels and barrels of happiness, dear, responsible Capricorn.

AQUARIUS - The New Moon in Scorpio in the 10th house, concerning your career and visibility in the world, gives you the opportunity to finally show what you're capable of. The New Moon initiates a process that will last at least until January. It provides the opportunity to start anew and leave behind things that hold you back. You are gradually preparing to receive the intense influence of Pluto in your house of identity for the next 20 years, first at the end of January and then finally on November 20, 2024. Pluto brings revolutionary changes both to your identity and on a societal level, which is important to you. Your role and purpose in the world will finally become clear to both yourself and others. You were literally made for this time.

PISCES - The New Moon in Scorpio in the 9th house, which represents your philosophy of life, religion, travel, and higher education, brings flashes of insight to your life philosophy that you will be able to integrate into your everyday life over time. No later than May, you will experience real, positive, practical changes. A grand, sophisticated philosophy is of little value if it cannot be applied to everyday life.

I hope this was helpful and inspiring.

The Divine in me bows to the Divine in you.



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