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The Rebirth of Venus

Venus Cazimi ("The Heart of the Sun") and the New Moon in the sign of Leo.

Venus retrogrades in the sign of Leo from July 23 to September 4. It is reflected in our lives as a reevaluation of relationships, values, joy and pleasure. For more information on Venus retrograde, please read my last blog where I covered it extensively.

Suddenly the things that used to bring us joy no longer work for us. On the other hand, we may have also found new joys this summer, but they won't necessarily last past the fall. During Venus retrograde, we cannot fully trust what we see and experience. Retrogrades often causes a distortion of our own opinions and preferences. It can also bring out truths that we didn't want to face before and we may have a burning desire to act according to these new opinions and preferences. However, it would be good to wait until the middle of September before making any final, big decisions. Only then will we see if the changes we wish to make are completely real, or if we were just blindsided by Venus retrograde.

On Sunday August the 13th, 2023 we went through the much anticipated rebirth of Venus, which according to ancient texts was called Cazimi (meaning "in the heart of the sun"). It is a powerful moment when Venus meets the Sun and is purified by its power. Now we can leave behind and/or start over Venus-related issues, such as any interpersonal problems. The encounter with the sun is considered the rebirth of Venus. If you have experienced this summer as quite rough or strange, full of odd coincidences, like suddenly an ex contacted you etc. - and their meaning has remained unclear, things are now slowly starting to become clear, especially on an emotional level. However, giving birth is not necessarily easy, but sometimes at the very least challenging and worst case, even painful. We are now only halfway through Venus's visit to the symbolic underworld (that is, when she is invisible due to the proximity of the sun).

The new moon in Leo on August 16 at 5:38 am EST further clarifies and helps us to a new beginning. However, this new moon makes us restless because it brings with it something surprising, but also clarifying. The square of Uranus and the new moon may suggest, at least at first glance, an unsettling surprise - but the awakenings of Uranus are often necessary, clarifying and typically at the end, very positive.

On a material level, clarity will not come until around August 23 and at the latest on September 4, 2023. This is because only from August 23 on, Venus is again visible and begins to appear in the sky as a morning star. After September 4th, Venus also ends its retrograde phase and slowly turns direct. However, this is its own, slow process and it is advisable to wait until the middle of September when Venus gets back up to speed properly and is back to "being herself".

Mercury, the planet that symbolizes communication, contracts and commerce, also retrogrades from August 23rd to September 15th, almost at the same time as Venus. This is another, strong reason not to make decisions or sign contracts until mid September. (Mercury retrogrades a lot more often than Venus, however, and that's why astrologers pay much more attention to Venus retrogrades). Before Mercury retrogrades, it's good to make backup copies and avoid, for example, buying a new home appliances, computers or signing contracts in general, because it's typical for electronic communication and devices to fail during this time. It is typical that during Mercury retrograde some small thing gets overlooked and causes problems or cancellations.

By mid-September, Venus is officially fully renewed and purified in the bright rays of the sun. Venus now has a new understanding of things and is full of energy. And as above, so below - this also means ourselves. We have by then gone through the mythical journey of Venus to the underworld and we step out with a new understanding of what brings us real joy and what we truly value.




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