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The End is the Beginning of Hope

Aquarius New Moon January 21, 2023

The Star Aquarius tarot card

The year 2023 sort of just sneaked in. There has been much confusion, uncertainty and frustration over incomplete projects - as if the year never really properly started, or the year 2022 never really ended. The reason for this is because both Mars and Mercury have been in retrograde. A retrograde planet is said to be confused and not act as normal. Usually this means that we end up encountering issues, people or fated events from the past, or new issues pop up repeatedly, or we simply experience chaos. However, Mars and Mercury have both just turned direct, along with Uranus who also turns direct right after the new moon, on January 22.

The upcoming Aquarius New Moon on Saturday, January 21 at 3:53pm EST is a clear landmark for the actual beginning of 2023. Indeed, it also marks the Chinese New Year of Water Rabbit.

This new moon clearly marks endings and new beginnings. We can finally start to put the weeks and even months of delays, mix ups, conflicts and in some cases even accidents behind us. It will take a few weeks for Mars and Mercury really pick up speed, but by the end of January, things will be advancing fast. There are no planets in retrograde until the spring. It is a great time to launch that new project, or to finalize what was delayed in the last two months.. or even years!

The Aquarius New Moon is truly a wonderful time to leave behind what is no longer serves, and start anew. If ever there was a time to truly begin again and to do new moon wishes, it is starting right after this new moon, especially Monday, January 23 and Tuesday, January 24. Jupiter lends its lucky support and enthusiastic drive from Aries. In addition, the Saturn-Venus conjunction indicates a promise of long term commitments. The planets are perfectly aligned to support any new years resolutions made now, and may actually stick!

Aquarius is the sign of hope and future. At this point of the year, both metaphorically and literally speaking, darkness has reached its furthest corner and daylight has started to return. It is also the sign of genius. Aquarius's motto truly is "think different". They are an independent, extrovert, strong headed fixed sign. They can be outsiders, which gives them the ability to observe society objectively from a distance. "Aquarian-contrarian" loves a good debate. Inspired, idealistic, unusual, brilliant insights combined with practical hard work are now possible. Simultaneously, Aquarius does not forget the past and honors certain idealistic traditions and holds on to structures that he deems worthy to support his ideals.

The Aquarius Tarot card is The Star. The wonderful thing about the symbolism of Tarot, is that whether we approach it intellectually or intuitively, it is a source of endless inspiration. I recommend you let your mind simply rest on this wonderful image and let the intuitive part of your mind do the rest, as there is something about this figure that seems to be in a satisfyingly perfect alignment with the heavens and the earth.

The Star is one of the most intriguing, hopeful and mystical cards in the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot deck. What follows is my interpretation, inspired by several esoteric and other sources (such as Jung). The naked body symbolizes full human awareness. The water symbolizes the connection to the subconscious mind of the individual, as well as the collective unconscious. The seven stars (the seven planets) are in an alignment to support her transcendental human endeavors, which are now beyond ego, in the service of the gods. In the background is The Bird of Wisdom, (symbolizing the God of Secret Knowledge, Mercury) singing songs of mystery and magic in the Tree of Life. The human figure pours the nectar of divine inspiration to the subconscious as well as to the earth (material world) and revitalizes both spirit and materia with energy and hope. All is possible when we are aligned with above and below, heaven and earth.



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